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Flexible Display Solutions - Option Slot

More power to your signage
Select one of many powerful upgrade options today or even integrate new technology in the future. With no cables required due to internal connection for power, video, audio and control, the option slot also fits neatly within the display or projector profile for a more elegant installation.

Single service point
An NEC display device that incorporates an option board uniquely gives the customer one service contact and matching warranties for the display or projector and the board and in the case that servicing is required, a slot product can easily be removed and serviced separately with the display in tact.

Future proofing your display
Option slots give your display an ‘upgrade ready’ path for today’s boards and additionally, compatible boards that may be developed in the future. They also are exchangeable between compatible products either directly or in certain cases using a cradle meaning that they form a useful element in your display solutions for the entire site.


Slot technology Version 1

Conventional NEC option slot


Slot technology Version 2

Compatible with NEC/Intel OPS standard

Dual slot STv1/STv2

Slot technology Version 1 and 2

Housing of either STv1 or STv2 boards possible (STv2 with adapter)


External adapter for STv2

Various interface boards to widen the connectivity options

Interface Extension

Interface extension boards

Various interface boards to widen the connectivity options

NEC Option Slot Benefits

  • Expansion and future proofing built into the display or projector
  • All connectors are inside the displays including power, video and audio signals and RS232. No external cables required.
  • Two expansion slot formats for extra flexibility
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Single service point for a display/projector and integrated board
  • Flexible user configuration

Example Application

Slot-in products


STv2 (OPS)

Interface Extension

DVI Daisy Chain

CAT5 Receiver


Slot-in HD SDI Board STv2 (1.5G)

Slot-in HD SDI Board STv2 (3G)

Slot-in PC STv2 Atom 2 x 1.6

Slot-in PC STv2 Celeron 1.4

Slot-in PC STv2 Celeron 2 x 2.2

Slot-in PC STv2 i3 2 x 2.4

Slot-in PC STv2 i5  2 x 2.7

Slot-in PC STv2 i5 2 x 2.5

Slot-in PC STv2 i7  4 x 2.1 

Video Extension Board (analog)

Video Extension Board (digital)

Extension Board (BNC)

Compatible NEC products



Dual Slot STv1/STv2

STv2 or Interface Extension

MultiSync ® X462HB

MultiSync ® X401S

MultiSync ® X462S

MultiSync ® X552S

MultiSync ® V322

MultiSync ® V423

MultiSync ® V463

MultiSync ® V552

MultiSync ® V652

MultiSync ® V801







MultiSync ® X463UN

MultiSync ® X551UN

MultiSync ® X462UNV

SpectraView 552

MultiSync ® V462 TM

MultiSync ® V652 TM

MultiSync ® P403

MultiSync ® P463

MultiSync ® P553

MultiSync ® P703

MultiSync ® P801