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Slot-In Controllers for Flight Information Display and Retail Signage

Versatile Solutions for Display Content Management

All NEC Professional Series products feature a new industry standard slot, that provides the enabling computing technology to drive our displays in any application. Developed in conjunction with Intel and Microsoft, the open pluggable specification (OPS) standard has been warmly welcomed by the industry, and provides airports and media owners alike with a common open standard platform, moving away from proprietary technology.



  • Industry Standard Slot (OPS)

  • Industrial Components

  • Low power Consumption

  • Up to 3840 x 2160 Full UHD Resolution Support

  • Portrait and Landscape

  • Ultra reliable SDD Storage

  • 2 GB up to 8 GB Memory

  • Watchdog Timer

  • Windows 7 Embedded, Windows 8 Embedded, Android, Linux *




NEC has launched a range of OPS compliant slot-in single board computer modules, to fulfill a range of needs within an airport.

See all available slot-in options LinkImage here

One Size Fits All

The NEC slot-in module is compatible with all NEC Professional Series products no matter what size. Airports can for the first time maintain one OS image for any display in the airport. This significantly reduces the time to manage the display estate, and minimises inventory.

Low Operating Temperature

As the modules reside inside the display, NEC has used industrial grade components that utilise less power and therefore generate less heat, ensuring the longevity of the NEC Professional Series display.

Complete Flexibility in Configuration

Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 Embedded as well as Linux operating systems provide a reliable platform for your application. For more flexibility NEC's modules can be provided without an operating system or with a pre-built customer image. In addition drivers can be provided for other operating systems such as Android. NEC has the flexibility to ensure that you only pay for components you need, with choices in memory and storage size and upgrades to WLAN capability.

Industrial Grade Components

In order to provide long term availability, reliability and consistency over the life of the product, NEC™s slot in PC modules only use industrial components.

Easy Installation and Low Cost Maintenance

The NEC module hides away inside the display and takes power and digital video feeds internally. Only 1 power cable and one Ethernet are needed, making for a neat installation. As the module is a slot-in, failed product can be removed in the field and replaced with another pre-configured module.












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