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XS Series – 24/7* LED Displays


Ultra-slim Profile Displays for Arrival Boards, Check-in Information and Lounges

The NEC XS Series was the world’s first professional grade display to utilise the latest in LED edge backlight technology. The use of LED backlighting has enabled us to re-think the design of our flight information displays, and airports will need to re-think how they deploy this revolutionary technology. At only 18 kg in weight and less than 44 mm thick, the X462S 46” display no longer needs a substantial support structure but can be deployed back to back on a slim-line support in the same space as a conventional display.


  • Professional Grade Performance with NEC Professional Advanced Heat Management
  • Edge LED Backlighting for up to 40 % less Power Use

  • High Brightness up to 700 cd/m²
  • High Accuracy, Full HD image with Professional S-PVA Panel

  • Full Functionality and Connectivity including HDMI and DisplayPort

  • OPS Compliant expansion Slot for Pre or Post Installation

  • Lighter Weight from 18 kgs, means Single Person Install is a reality

*Subject to environmental conditions, content and change of content, products marked as 24/7 are appropriate for 24/7 use, however please refer to NEC Operational Guidelines for exact terms of use.

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