With the trend for larger and brighter terminal buildings to deliver an enhanced retail experience and provide a more comfortable and modern environment, comes the challenge of getting clear and dynamic messaging over to an ever increasing passenger number.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, LED technology can not only meet these challenges, but also allows any surface of the building to be made digital. The ability to mould LED technology into the structure of the terminal, means LED can change the mood of spaces or add new digital zones to parts of the terminal that would traditionally be blank.

NEC LED modules can be used to replace traditional static advertising billboards, create giant entertainment zones or provide a wow factor to areas of the terminal.

NEC offers upgradeable LED modules for small to medium installations or fixed LED modules for very large scale projects or where custom shapes or tight curvature is required.

NEC LED Modules
Over 3000 LED screen installations globally since 2005
Highest grade LEDs and driver chips for unrivalled quality and long term reliability out of the box
Lightweight modules with front and rear access options for easy installation
German Design backed by NEC Japanese quality and service