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Not all LED installations are designed to be permanent or static in nature. Demand from advertisers or the need to keep the technology state of the art, may necessitate a more dynamic approach.

NEC has designed a range of standard sized modules that enable simple installation and service, with the ability to upgrade the LED module to a higher resolution without having to de-install the LED infrastructure.

The NEC LiFT (LED intelligent Front technology) series is available in both fine pitch indoor and outdoor variants, and in a wide range of pixel pitches to suit both your image quality and budget requirements.

NEC LiFT tool-less modules and magnetic pixel cards ensures quick installation and servicing. The laser cut modules with their high quality LEDs ensure perfect alignment and calibration free viewing out of the box. With the indoor 16:9 aspect ratio modules screens with HD, full HD and Quad HD resolutions can be efficiently created to provide standard video content to be played back in their highest quality without the need to re-scale.

Indoor LED
16:9 608 × 342 module size
> 900 cd brightness
3 stage heat management system
Front and Rear Service Access
Outdoor LED
500 × 500 module size
5000 cd brightness
3.9–7.8 mm pixel pitch options
IP65 rated