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Split Flap Board Replacement

Although much less popular today a lot of older airports are still using traditional analogue split-flap boards for their main way of displaying flight information in departure and arrival halls. Split flap boards are now becoming costly to maintain, and do not offer the flexibility of content the modern passenger demands.

With the NEC Ultra-Narrow (UN) LCD range, airports now have a viable and cost effective alternative. Using next generation LCD technology and sophisticated thermal management and colour calibration, airports can now build digital video walls up to 83 m2 . Being digital, airports can now also mix content, and provide not only flight information but also less critical information such as destination weather and drive revenue from retail advertising, helping to justify the replacement of the flap board.

NEC LCD Video Wall Modules

The Benefits over traditional flap boards

  • State of the Art Technology

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Increased Resolution

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Easier to Install/De-Install

  • More flexible - mix both Text based and Video based Content e.g Airport Information and Airport Advertising

  • Remote monitoring and management

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