UM351Wi (Multi-Pen)

Interactive Multi-Pen Projector

Type LCD
Luminosité [AL] 3500
Contraste 6000:1
Résolution 1280 x 800
Source lumineuse Lampe
Vie de lampe [h] 6000
Poids [kg] 5,6
Code commande 60004205
Crestron RoomView

Prix sur infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com

De-/Reinstall Service for Projectors

De-/Re-install Service (1st to 3rd year or 1st to 5th year)

for NEC standard, PA series installation and short-throw/ultra-short-throw projectors.

MultiPresenter Stick (MP10RX)

Solution de présentation sans fil pour projecteurs et écrans NEC, avec prise en charge de plusieurs connexions simultanées sous Win/MAC/iOS/Android


Wireless LAN Module for the PE, P, Mxx3, ME, MC, UMxx1 and UMxx2 projector series as well as CB Series UHD Touch displays..


Lamp pour projecteurs UM351W, UM361X, UM351Wi et UM361Xi.

PJ04MHA-2 Automatic Height-adjustable Mobile Mount

High-end Motorized height-adjustable Mobile Mount for NEC U, UM and M Short-Throw Series.

PJ04WHA Automatic Height-adjustable Wall Mount

High-end mobile mount for video conferencing suitable for NEC U, UM and M Short-Throw Series.

PJ04WHM Manually Height-adjustable Wall Mount

Manually height adjustable wall mount for U, UM and M Short-Throw Series projectors dedicated to schools and universities, corporate customers, conferences and hotels.

UM351Wi Interactive Multi-Pen Whiteboard Kit

The NEC Interactive Multi-Pen Whiteboard Kit is an ideal solution to create an interactive world of experience and attendee participation in classrooms and the corporates. The Kit includes the NEC Multi-Pen Projector UM351Wi, including wallmount, as well as a high quality 88 inch (223,5 cm), 16:10 whiteboard. The interactive pen transfers the actions on the whiteboard directly to a fixed sensor module at the projector that needs only a single calibration with consistent accurate writing and drawing results.

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