MultiSync® V484-T (Infrared Touch)

LCD 48" Value dotykový public displej

Úroveň „haze level“ [%] 25
Spotřeba energie [W] 85
Provozní hodiny 24/7
Technologie panelu S-PVA
Jas [cd/m²] 440
Rozlišení 1920 x 1080
Objednací kód 60004355
24/7 Operation
Crestron RoomView

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SpectraView II

SpectraView II is a highly accurate, reliable, repeatable and feature-rich solution for display calibration and profiling.

NaViSet Administrator 2

Network-based Control and Asset Management Software (v 2.0.65)

PD Comms Tool


The NEC PD Comms Tool is a utility for communicating with and configuring NEC large format displays that feature an RS232 and/or LAN interface.


Highly flexible collaborative software solution that works with any device on any platform - for the next generation of interactive learning and presenting.

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