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LED Menu Board


Fine pitch indoor LED modules offer the same advantages over printed menu posters as LCD displays. Recent data from a customer survey carried out by Digital Signage Today presents compelling “reasons to go digital”.

Ideal for larger premium venues, fine pitch LED modules shine bright to attract customers with dynamic, vivid messaging. The modular design allows more creative bezel-free signage installations, scalable to fit the desired requirements. The high reliability of NEC LED modules combined with a very long lifetime make LEDs not only an eye-catching but also a future proof investment for cinemas looking to increase revenues and promote cross-selling at the concession stand.

Menu Boards: Reasons to go Digital *
67% Centralised Control of Menu Board Content
49.1% Low Cost Menu Change
47.2% Increased Customer Satisfaction
37.7% Increased Sales

Digital Signage Today Customer Survey.

LED Modules

Model Number of pixels per m² Pixel Pitch Brightness (typical) Contrast (typical)
LED LiFT-L012Si (1.2 mm Indoor) 480 x 270 1.266 800 3000:1
LED LiFT-L015Si (1.5 mm Indoor) 384 x 216 1.583 800 3000:1
LED LiFT-L019Si (1.9 mm Indoor) 320 x 180 1.9 900 3000:1
LED LiFT-L023Si (2.3 mm Indoor) 256 x 144 2.375 1000 3000:1
LED LiFT-L027Si (2.7 mm Indoor) 224 x 126 2.714 1000 3000:1
LED LiFT-L038Si (3.8 mm Indoor) 160 x 90 3.8 1200 3000:1