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Whatever the size and format of your venue, NEC has a customisable projection solution to suit. Laser light source technology is reinventing the dynamics of the movie theatre with new levels of image brightness, power usage, reliability and service free operation. Traditional lamp based projection is also available should the application demand it.

Laser Phosphor based projectors are the ideal choice for small and midsized screens whereas RB Laser based projectors combine the advantages of a wide colour space and bright image output for mid and larger sized screens. RGB Laser based projectors incorporate the future colour space REC2020 delivering a wider range of rich and natural colours supporting Premium Large Format (PLF) and special format screens.

This is one of the best picture qualities I have ever seen on a cinema projector
Franz Kober, CEO of Cine Project

Choosing the Optimum DC Solution

Model Features Supported Screen Size Light Source Suitable For
NC1000C up to 10.6 meters (34 feet) NSH Lamp, max. 0.8 kw Small screens, small projection booths, mobile cinemas
NC1200C up to 14 meters (46 feet) Xenon Lamp, max. 2 kw Small to medium screens and post production
NC1201L LaserPhosphor.png up to 12 meters (39 feet) Laser Phosphor Small to medium screens or small projection booths
NC1700L RBLaser.png up to 17 meters (56 feet) RB Laser Medium sized screens
NC2000C up to 20 meters (66 feet) Xenon Lamp, max. 4 kw Medium sized screens
NC2041L 4K.png RBLaser.png up to 20 meters (65 feet) RB Laser
NC2402ML RBLaser.png up to 22 meters (72 feet) RB Laser
NC3200S up to 32 meters (104 feet) Xenon Lamp, max. 7 kw Large screens and open air cinemas
NC3240S 4K.png up to 32 meters (104 feet) Xenon Lamp, max. 7 kw Large cinemas that require premium image quality
NC3540LS 4K.png RGBLaser.png up to 28 meters (91 feet) RGB Laser Large cinemas that require premium image quality
NC3541L 4K.png RBLaser.png up to 32 meters (104 feet) RB Laser