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One-Touch Operation and Memory Functions include Direct-select buttons for eight of 100 stored projector configurations; simplifying the display of different aspect ratios through pre-set lens shift position, zoom and focus, and lamp power settings. The Auto Lamp Brightness Control feature maintains constant brightness of the lamp by adjusting the lamp power as the lamp ages.


Series 2 projectors optimise lamp performance and ensure the brightest and most uniform image possible for the life of the lamp. Enjoy Trouble-Free Lamp Replacement. Maintenance personnel can replace lamps simply from the back of the projector even in a cramped space. An intuitive keypad layout also provides for easy operator control.





Digital Cinema Lens Calculator

Find the suitable lens for the respective projector with the help of this Excel file.

Download Lens Calculator

Integrated Cinema Media Server

This next generation cinema server provides Raid storage, easy server control via web interface and a DCI compliant media block. Lower cost of ownership with extremely fast simultaneous play and ingest speed as well as additional extended NAS storage. The integrated single-board solution also delivers optional 4K and Dolby AtmosTM support guaranteeing future proof investment.

Download datasheet

Projector Lamps

NEC Certified digital Xenon lamp bulbs

Lamps for NC900C

- NP-LP01 (order code 100013073)

- bundle with 2 lamps NP-LP01 and 2 air filters NP-9LF01 (available at our system integrators)


Pedestals are available for all models.

Silencer Housing

The NEC Silencer Housing enables installation of the NC900C cinema projector or the NC1100L Laser cinema projector directly into cinema auditorium without any need for a projection booth. Even no airduct is required for this solution. This cost saving installation allows the cinema exhibitor to increase the number of seats in the auditorium, in place of a previously required projection booth. A big step in the future cinema experience.

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All models are supporting all 3D technologies, that are used in the cinema industry. Dolby is offering special installation kits for NC1200C/NC2000C/NC3200S/NC3240S. NC900C and laser projectors do not support Dolby 3D because of the compact projector design.

*The listed options are available at our Installation Partners: