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Bar-setting reliability

New completely independent airflow systems help secure best in class reliability with one airflow section for electronics/optics and another strictly for lamp cooling. This new system prevents any cross contamination between sections. In addition, advanced dust/oil prevention is achieved with higher inside air pressure and specially designed high tech electrostatic fiber filters that can be exchanged from outside the projector without any special tools. A new all metal cabinet delivers confidence in stability and resistance to external impact.

Minimal cost of ownership / simple maintenance

Quick and easy components/parts replacement with modular electronics:

  • Clear electronic layout and wiring.
  • Easy prism replacement can be completed in only a few minutes.
  • Truly modular electronics; custom DMD shielding gaskets and patented reflector design help reduce maintenance costs.

Industry-leading system service and support:

  • Quick and easy troubleshooting by self-diagnosis with built-in system test and error log analysis.
  • Built-in web server allows you to access and control projectors from any authorised web browser.
  • Remote one-click firmware update via network from long distances.

Best-suited projector for 3D applications

The NC3200S and NC3240S are the brightest digital cinema projector available, boasting 33,000 lumens. 3D presentation using a single projector - Support for all major suppliers of 3D accessories, including:

  • Special 3D control connector.
  • Optional automatic turret to mount a 3D system in front of lens when displaying 3D content.

Unrivaled ease of use

One-Touch Operation and Memory Functions include Direct-select buttons for eight of 100 stored projector configurations; simplifying the display of different aspect ratios through pre-set lens shift position, zoom and focus, and lamp power settings. The Auto Lamp Brightness Control feature maintains constant brightness of the lamp by adjusting the lamp power as the lamp ages. Series 2 projectors optimise lamp performance and ensure the brightest and most uniform image possible for the life of the lamp. Enjoy Trouble-Free Lamp Replacement. Maintenance personnel can replace lamps simply from the back of the projector even in a cramped space. An intuitive keypad layout also provides for easy operator control.

High resolution content playback

Utilising DLP Cinema Technology from Texas Instruments. Exceptional image and colour quality with contrast ratios of 2200:1* or higher by using DMD chips that support a resolution of 4096 x 2160. This projector faithfully reproduces digital cinema and high-definition input sources requiring superior colour reproduction and wide gradation.