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Network Operating Centre (NOC)

NEC now offers the means to easily manage and maintain the operation of the installed NEC projectors in cinemas. A software-based system, the NEC NOC provides a remote link with projectors, servers, signage and TMS, irrespective of quantity or geography. NOC operators can analyse any projector’s status anywhere and either make corrections remotely, or else assign a technician to effect repairs locally.

Benefits of the NEC Support Service include:

  • Proactive service solving up to 40 % of support issues up front.
  • Live monitoring for any quantity of projectors with all Installation details (Lamps, temperatures, voltages, automation).
  • An automated system with GPS technology improving time for logistics support.
  • Remote access for online service from any place.
  • A Complete secure and closed solution.
  • Database for ASP to improve Quality and Service.
  • Clear Cost reductions on Service and support
  • Manpower reduction and time optimisation

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