Speaker SP-484SM

High-End Quality Speaker System for NEC Large Format Displays MultiSync® V484 and P484

The side-mounted speaker system delivers superior sound quality seamlessly combined with the 48” Large Format Displays V484 and P484. The result is sound and vision excellence. The powerful audio performance makes the SP-484SM a perfect fit for music and movie playback and also allows voice to be received with clarity anywhere in a room.

Order Code: 100014632

Price 3518 kr (net) / 4398 kr (gross)
Recommended retail price (Gross price including 25 % VAT)

MultiSync® P484

LCD 48" Professional Large Format Display

16118 kr (net) / 20148 kr (gross)

MultiSync® V484

LCD 48" Value Large Format Display

12368 kr (net) / 15460 kr (gross)

MultiSync® V484-RPi

LCD 48" Value Large Format Display

13268 kr (net) / 16585 kr (gross)