NEC Indoor Totem

Indoor Totem

Indoor totem designed for commercial premises, public spaces and locations on which the flow of visitors places high demands on media equipment. Compatible with NEC 55" XS series large format displays. Single and back-to-back version available. Portrait orientation only.

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This enclosure is as secure as it is attractive for indoor digital signage and allows to meet visitors from two directions at the same time. The totem can be installed with one single display or with two displays back-to-back.

  • Unbreakable Hammerglass that can resist most forms of chemical and acid attack
  • Ploycarbonate glass with 99,96 % UV protection
  • Special surface treatment prevents the glass from clouding or fading
  • Two drill-proof high-security locks prevent from external damage
  • Kick-rail and structured coating ensure that any stains and marks are hardly visible
  • Can be bolted to the floor to securely be held in place
  • Simple installation, even when used for double-mounted displays
  • Approved by NEC
Totems Order Code
Indoor Totem Single 55                                        40000677
Indoor Totem Single 55 black 40000678
Indoor Totem Double 55 white 40000679
Indoor Totem Double 55 black 40000680

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