8MP Medical-grade Large Format Display

Haze Level [%] 25
Power Consumption [W] 150
Operating Hours 24/7
Panel Technology S-PVA
Brightness [cd/m²] 500
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Order Code 60004130

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For simultaneous viewing of multiple medical records, NEC’s medical grade CE-MDD compliant MDC551C8 is the perfect choice to see the bigger picture. Thanks to the wide array of connectors, the display can reproduce multiple images from different sources Picture in Picture (PiP) or Picture by Picture (PbP) mode. With ultra-high definition at 8MP, you can experience “pixel-free” image reproduction for crisp and clear images, vital for medical review in a demanding environment. A sensor continuously controls and re-aligns the LED backlight for stable luminance whilst the NEC SpectraView Enginge controls homogenity to ensure perfect image reproduction over the entire product lifetime. Crucially, the MDC551C8 is also equipped with DICOM features to ensure the best visualization and review of content from radiology and PACS. In addition, an OPS expansion slot opens up unlimited possibilities to maximise usage of the display. Naturally, the NEC MDC551C8 complies with standard IEC/EN 60601-1 and delivers the peace of mind inherent in the NEC brand.


  • Medical grade display – complies with standard IEC/EN 60601-1.
  • Stunning "pixel-free" ergonomic viewing – delivered by an Ultra High Definition (3,840 x 2,160) Professional LED backlit S-PVA panel.
  • Enhanced imaging performance – advanced settings of all relevant visual parameters allow full control of brightness, colour, gamma and uniformity via the SpectraView Engine for precise, natural images.
  • Reliable colour reproduction – due to 10-bit colour performance, extreme viewing angles and hardware calibratable LUT, viewers benefit from consistently accurate image rendering.
  • Stable and uniform backlighting – ensured via Brightness Feedback Side Sensor.
  • DICOM out of the box – the display is calibrated at the factory according to DICOM Part 14
  • Future Ready with OPS Cable Free Expansion – upgrade the power of your display at any time while seamlessly integrating one of our various Slot-in PCs, signal interfaces and other OPS compatible products without the need for external cables or devices.

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