Modular Touch System 55″

LCD 55" Bring your video wall to life

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NEC Modular Touch System – Bring Your Video Wall to Life

Interactivity and collaboration inspires your audience and attracts a crowd – whatever the application, NEC’s Modular Touch System brings interactivity to video wall solutions and invites multiple users to engage, share and have fun.

The NEC Modular Touch System with its modular multi-touch frames allows scalable video walls in landscape and portrait orientation of any size up to 6 m wide. The solution is based on ShadowSense® touch over-frame kits and NEC’s 55” ultra-narrow large format MultiSync® X555UNS PG with integrated protective glass.

Target applications include command & control rooms, broadcast studios, exhibitions, corporate lobbies, retail stores, booths at stadiums and events. The Modular Touch System makes it easy and cost effective to add a whole new dimension to your video display wall.

NEC Modular Touch System

NEC ShadowSense Modular Touch Kit


  • Impressive Touch Experience – highest accuracy and real multi-touch experience based on ShadowSense® touch-frame overlay technology; filter out accidental and ghost touches even in high ambient light operation.
  • Profit from Modular Design – each single video wall display contains his own protective glass, making logistics simple without the need for managing a huge single video wall overlay protective panel.
  • Cut down Installation and Service Costs – just one tool is required to easily assemble the NEC Modular Touch System on-site, and being modular in design, servicing is simple.
  • Gain from High Reliability – designed for 24/7 operation based on NEC ultra-narrow protective glass displays, the NEC Modular Touch System is robust and built to resist the demands of heavy public use and potential vandalism.

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