MultiSync® X551UHD IGT (InGlass Touch)

LCD 55" Ultra-High Definition Large Format Touch Display

Haze Level [%] 25
Power Consumption [W] 150
Operating Hours 24/7
Panel Technology S-PVA
Brightness [cd/m²] 500
Resolution 3840 x 2160
Order Code 60004259

Price on infomail _at_ nec-displays _dot_ com


NEC MultiSync® X551UHD IGT - Touch Display designed for table applications

Users naturally expect to intuitively engage with content on an interactive touch device; if this isn't immediately the case, they will simply walk away.

With this in mind, the eye-pleasing 55" InGlassTM touch display with bezel-free design, perfect colour fidelity and Ultra-High Definition pixel-free detail is the perfect choice. Spontaneously use up to 10 fingers, pens or gloves and enjoy the highest real-time touch point accuracy. Due to zero airgap ZGTM technology, parallax is not an issue making this the ideal solution for an enticing interactive experience which will keep the user browsing.

All in all a perfect touch display for creative tables (optional table legs available) to visualize your assets most efficiently whilst facilitating better meeting results.


  • Designed for Table Installations – a completely flush and easy clean surface with no bezel enabling true edge-to-edge designs for a perfect touch experience.
  • Tablet-like User Experience – seamless operation with multi-touch applications while using 10 simultaneous finger/pen/glove touches.
  • Impressive Visualization – no parallax issues with zero airgap ZG™ technology, pixel-free and colourfast details in Ultra-High Resolution thanks to the NEC SpectraView® colour engine.
  • Ease of Use – enhance the display with an optional “Windows based” Slot-in-PC using the integrated Ultra High Resolution OPS option slot, thereby simplifying installations and reducing the points of failure.
  • Rugged Design for 24/7 – InGlass™ touch-system developed to perform even in harsh environments while advanced filtering techniques ensure continued multi-touch performance.
  • Simple Plug & Play – easy set-up without the need to install any drivers on the host PC for all major operating systems.

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