Video wall content and source management solution with animation capabilities which makes it easy to manage and roll out all types of digital content for high resolution video wall solutions.

Hiperwall 3.0 adds significant benefits to its software package, which delivers content to an unlimited number of displays and video walls. For increased flexibility, creativity and speed, content no longer needs to go through a cumbersome rendering process. Instead Hiperwall 3.0 enables users to animate content elements just before delivering it to the display. By eliminating the need to render content in advance, costs associated with editing are eliminated while still making it possible to do ad hoc content changes faster. Visual elements can instantly be replaced or reused at any time.

This performance enhancement is augmented by the added support for the latest and 3rd generation Intel ® Core TM i7 slot-in PCs, based on the OPS standard.

Hiperwall 3.0 brings enhanced control over content, which allows users to regulate when each element appears and disappears. Changing the position, size and rotation of any type of content, while specifying the duration of each transition is even easier. New visual effects include shading, transparency, mosaic as well as black and white features

Key Applications:

The animation editor capabilities make Hiperwall 3.0 ideally suited for Command/Control, Digital Signage, Education and Entertainment applications. 


Hiperwall consists of up to four  main components, two of which are always needed. Each display needs a PC and all components are connected via a gigabit switch


  • Control Licence - manages the entire Hiperwall installation
  • Display Licence - combination of a display and its controlling PC


  • Sender Licence - enables to reproduce the screen of a PC as a content object on the video wall
  • Streamer Licence - allows to show streaming content on the video wall
  • Secondary Controller Licence - provides powerful control capabilities to the display 
  • Sender Extra Windows Licence - supports multiple sender windows per sender PC
  • Streamer Extra Stream Licence - adds a third type of video stream

Software Language: English

User Manual Language: English

Awards and Test Reports

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2015  rAVe Best of ISE 2015 Awards - Best New Video Wall

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