Licence Options

If you want to buy (or upgrade to) a Multi-user Version you have got the following options:

4 Basic licence options...
DisplayNote 10 Connections10 connections
DisplayNote 20 Connections20 connections
DisplayNote 40 Connections40 connections
DisplayNote Site Licence* ConnectionsLicence connections


Licence scheme
  • LicenceSchemeFree technical support for one year
  • LicenceSchemeFree cloud services for one year
  • LicenceSchemeUnlimited number of installations allowed
  • LicenceSchemeAnnotation and participant mode always free and without limitation

*Site license options are available for larger deployments. These licenses are based on the number of connections. The minimum number of connections is 100. Please contact us for more information (

The licences are linked to a user, not to a host installation which allows unlimited installations.
Cloud services are available for remote connections with username and password.

To purchase the licences, please contact your local NEC partner.
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