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Technology & Innovation Award 2014

The DisplayNote NEC Edition has been awarded the accolade of "highly commended" in the Teach Secondary`s Technology and Innovation Awards in association with LEGO® Education.

The awards are specifically focused on technology and innovation in the classroom and recognise products and resources as well as teachers, authors and bloggers.

The Technology & Innovation bookazine itself offers a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in 21st century teaching and learning. With product reviews, case studies, opinion and advice, it's an informative and entertaining read for anyone involved in secondary education - and a valuable resource for ICT decision makers.

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DisplayNote for the Corporate Office

With analyst firm Gartner predicting that 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes, it's clear that the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is well under way.

While this gives employees a lot of freedom when it comes to using the devices that suit their needs and preferences, it can also limit collaboration. When there is an abundance of different devices, platforms and software, collaborating and sharing documents can be complicated. If documents need to be converted or reformatted, or presenters can only share information with a limited number of people, then creativity can be stifled.

DisplayNote overcomes this challenge by providing an interactive software solution to integrate PCs, large touchscreens, projectors and tablet devices. This improves interaction and collaboration for more creative meetings and interactive training sessions.

The software allows content to be shared and presented amongst colleagues and partners to interact in a creative and convenient way. Working with existing resources, over an internet browser and alongside third party software applications, DisplayNote eliminates the need for workers to reformat content for connected devices.

It allows presenters to take content from their computer and stream it to connected devices like iPads, Android tablets, smartphones and similar devices.

As such, meeting leaders gain the freedom to work on a projector or one of the common wall-mounted touchscreen displays increasingly common in modern meeting rooms, or just to move around in the room using a tablet. Also, sharing content with participants who are connecting remotely becomes a simple and straightforward task. The integrated whiteboard tools allow annotation over any kind of media, software and content, making meetings a truly collaborative experience. Furthermore, these annotations can be directly integrated into PowerPoint, Word and Excel files.

A built-in messaging function allows presenters to send private messages to individuals as well as to groups of attendees. Participants can add individual notes as well as share their content with the other participants. This allows for more collaborative working and with the new integrated voting, decisions can be made easily and on the spot.

Any presentations or documents that are shared stay with the users, so everyone leaves the meeting equipped with materials that can be viewed on their own device at any time. Furthermore, participants can also add their own local annotations and store content for future use, meaning that taking notes during the meeting is even easier than ever.

This ease of use and depth is taken even further through the global partnership DisplayNote has with NEC Display Solutions. The companies aim to further integrate DisplayNote with the NEC product ranges in order to further develop truly scalable, flexible and easy to use collaborative solutions.

The modern workplace is a much more dynamic and flexible place than ever before. Office meetings are seldom just one person delivering a presentation to a group of colleagues, with no interaction or feedback. Instead, new technologies and a much greater focus on collaboration within the office are bringing about a new style of engagement, one that enhances interaction and collaboration.

These new and varied technologies need to work in harmony, enhancing that sense of interaction rather than hindering it. DisplayNote and NEC Display Solutions have developed exactly the type of solution that achieves this, allowing office workers to embrace the technology that suits them best, while enabling them to interact in a creative and convenient way.