Release Notes

New releases contain the following improvements and new features

  1. Version 2.3
  2. Version 2.2
  3. Version 2.1
  4. Version 2.0
  5. Version 1.9
  6. Version 1.8
  7. Version 1.7
  8. Version 1.6
  9. Version 1.5
  10. Version 1.4
  11. Version 1.3

Toolbar Customisation
Users can now customise the toolbar and have their 4 favourite annotation tools always on and ready to use.

Simplification of Annotation Tools
We have also simplified those annotation tools: users can choose to work with 8 fixed pen colours and there are 3 easy to use options for pen thickness.

Multi-User Mode
2.3 brings with it multi-user mode. Using the DisplayNote toolbar, two users can draw on independently on screen : they can choose their own annotation tool, their own colour, thickness, size and can work both independently and together

Easy to Find Media Tools
We’ve brought media tools into one area so now you’ll find images, webcam, notes and screen record in one easy-to-find location.

Simplified Shape-Fill
We’ve also simplified shape-fill. It’s now a toggle on and off to fill shapes.

File Sharing
2.2 will allow presenters and participants share files (ppt, pdf, word, jpegs etc) with another.

Web Cam
Users can use the webcam on their Windows/MAC to take images and add them to a presentation.

Quick Start Sessions
Reconnect to a local presentation without the need to enter the Session ID.

QR Codes
Presenters can generate a QR code on screen (and export this as a PDF) for participants to easily scan and join a session.

Dropbox Integration
Present PDF, PPTX and saved DisplayNote sessions directly from the device (internet connection required).

Automatic Detection
Automatic pen and touch eraser detection with ShadowSense Touch Displays.

Presentation Directly from Mobile Device
Presenters can now host sessions and present directly from their iOS and Android device to other participant devices.

NEC Exclusive Widgets
6 new drag and drop educational widgets exclusively for NEC including ruler, compass, protractor, lasso tool, spotlight and blind.

New Toolbar Options
Users can drag the toolbar to anywhere on the screen, minimise it and dock it.

Streaming Options for Large Screens
Specially for larger screen presenters can select and capture a part of the screen and stream that out to connected devices.

Additional Importing Options
Import PDF and PPT files (only available with internet).

New User Interface
New UI for home screen making it easier to start different types of presentation (eg, screen-share, whiteboard, saved lesson).

Full Cloud Functionality
2.0 sees a full roll-out of DisplayNote’s cloud functionality. Users can start and join sessions no matter where they are in the world and share content across different networks. In addition, presenters can invite participants via the in-app invitation system which is available for both host and mobile device. 

Unlimited Messaging
Version 2 comes with unlimited messaging and audio between presenter and participants.

New Way of Taking and Sharing Notes
The way how participants take and share notes has been completely revised.  Now, with one click, sticky-notes are opened and ready for users to type their memos, reminders and thoughts. Sticky-notes can also be shared with the presenter and everyone in the room, perfect for collecting multiple notes and creating a group-wide canvas of ideas.

Easier Approach to Start and Join Sessions
The UI has been refreshed and how sessions are discovered has been improved to make it easier for users to start and join a session, navigate saved slides and to manage what’s happening in a session. 

Easy Working across Subnets
Presenters can now use their mobile device over the cloud to connect and control their computer, making it easier for those working across different subnets.

Many Data Sharing Improvements
Under the bonnet sees a host of additions, improvements and fixes. Data shared between devices is completely encrypted.  We’ve added a really useful icon so that users can instantly see the quality of their network.  We’ve also improved proxy support for Transparent, Basic and Digest proxies and made huge improvements on how the solution broadcasts across subnets. 

Wireless PDF Sending
Users will also be able to send images and PDFs wirelessly from their iOS device directly to the projector.

Changed Background Template Functionality
More background templates have been added and now it also is easier to switch between backgrounds and the live presenter screen.

Improved Slide Overview
Improved slide overview for Captured Slides allows Presenters and Participants to easily review and recall pre-created slides.

Session Creation in Advance Possible
Presenters can now create a DisplayNote session in advance and launch it in a lesson or meeting.

Windows/Mac Tool Tips
New rollover hints and tools tips on Windows/Mac.


New Dedicated App for NEC Edition Users
‘DisplayNote NEC Edition’ available on App Stores and Google Play.

Remote Improvements
Updated and simplified remote for your NEC Projector. Control of NEC large format displays.

NEC Multi-pen Calibration
Calibration control for NEC Interactive Multi-pen Solution NEC NP03Wi.

Hosting Sessions via the Cloud
Version 1.9 allows sessions to be hosted and joined remotely over the cloud. Now presenters can mirror content from their PC or Mac to any connected participant’s device, whether they’re in the same room or connecting remotely. Cloud functionality makes DisplayNote perfect for users wishing to collaborate, share content and ideas cross department, cross location and cross device.

Audio Broadcasting from Presenter
DisplayNote Presentations are now more powerful and personal than ever before with the introduction of audio broadcasting for presenters. Ideal for off campus lesson delivery and delivering presentations to colleagues in another office, DisplayNote lets presenters share audio in two ways, either at their host PC or on their mobile device if connected as presenter.

Real-time View of Participant Screens
A new implementation of the view screen function lets presenters view participants’ screens seamlessly and in real-time, perfect for lesson curation and delivery of the flipped classroom.

A whole new communication backend improves reliability and performance.

Wireless connection to NEC projectors
The Windows and MAC Version will allow you to directly connect and send content to an NEC projector through the wired or wireless network. This will be supported with the NEC M, M Short-throw, UM, P, and PA Series.

Floating Toolbar for Presenter
Version 1.8 sees the introduction of a floating toolbar on the host PC. The toolbar, which can be moved anywhere on screen or docked left and right, gives the presenter instant access to the session ID and number of participants. The floating toolbar works in addition to the existing toolbar lets the presenter capture slides, access saved slides and toggle slides left and right.

Native stream resolution
When you connect to a DisplayNote session with your laptop or notebook, you’ll receive the main presentation in full-screen.

Present from the Left or the Right
Presenters can move the DisplayNote toolbar to the right hand side of the screen or lock it in place so it’s always available.

One Button Presentation Capture
Participants can capture and save any of the presenter’s slides with a the touch of a button.

Improved Video Stream Options
1.8 sees more options in advanced settings. Accessible through start up screen, DisplayNote’s suite of advanced settings lets presenters change the language, view information on the version they’re using and their licence type and explore under the bonnet with options for session configuration, stream quality, resolution and type.

Easier Access to Saved Slides
Saved slides are also available at the touch of the button via the on-screen Saved Slides button.

Application fully translated into 23 languages

Intuitive and Adaptive Streaming
Intuitive and Adaptive Streaming means you can now easily connect to bigger audiences than before. As participants join your session, DisplayNote will choose the recommended video stream for that size of group.

Multicast video Support
The introduction of Multicast video support now reduces the network bandwidth needed to run a session, making DisplayNote more efficient and effective.

Version Synchronisation
The addition of Version Synchronisation ensures that presenters and participants are connecting with the same version of DisplayNote, ensuring your sessions are smoother than ever before.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
Bug fixes and on-going improvements including CPU usage, improved Android support, importing images and session reconnection.

Improvement in Working with Office Documents
Editing and working with office documents has been significantly improved. Users can now annotate directly into Word, PowerPoint and Excel, making it even easier to edit documents, correct assignments, and highlight important parts of the text.

New Licensing Model
Version 1.6 also sees the introduction of concurrent licensing and unlimited host installations for anyone with a multi-user license. Users can now join and host sessions with their DisplayNote account on any computer. Licenses are not tied to a specific computer anymore.

Live View Screen Mode
Version 1.5 sees the introduction of live view screen mode. Working inside DisplayNote, Presenters are now able to view in real time, anything a participant does on screen.

PowerPoint Controller
Presenters can now control a PowerPoint with the DisplayNote PowerPoint controller. Users can start and end a slideshow and toggle between slides all in one click.

Improved Session Manager
The session manager has been improved and allows presenters to drag and drop or select/de-select all participants into groups for collaboration, messaging and pause screen.

Instant Polling
Version 1.4 lets presenters and teachers quickly gauge levels of understanding, get instant feedback from participants and involve everyone in the room. There are 5 question types to choose from: Text Response, Yes/No, Multiple Choice, Rating Scale and Hot Spot; all designed to involve users even further. Both presenters and participants get instant feedback and results can be shared with the room.

Improved Annotation Tools
Annotation tools have been given a complete revamp. Pen selection, thickness, transparency and shapes haven been grouped together, making it easier and quicker for the user to access and use. Version 1.4 also sees the addition of a highlighter pen and arrow tool.

Multi-Language Support
Added support for 22 different languages.

Improved Interface
Toolbars are now easier to navigate and can be swiped out to access.

Delete Slides
Individual slides can be removed from the lesson in the slide-view screen.

Automatic Firewall Configuration
Windows firewall will be automatically configured to allow incoming communications to DisplayNote.

Improved Connectivity
Users can join a session without needing to manually specify the computer they want to connect to.

Remove Users from a Session
Presenters can disconnect individual users from the session via the session management screen.

Easily undo and redo your last action.

Add Multiple Images
Both presenters and participants can add multiple images to the same slide.

Eraser Tool
Users can delete part or all of an annotation or shape.

Shape Recognition
Changes freehand drawn shapes to their matched shape.

Participant Mode now on your PC
Users can now start and join a session on their computer (Windows and Mac) - Perfect for both higher education and enterprise

Capture Everything
Screen recording is now available on the desktop version, which means presenters can capture everything that happens on the main screen, host it on the web or send it to those participants that missed the session.

More Export Options
Dropbox integration is now standard for presenters and participants. Now users can capture content, save it on their device, email or store it in the cloud via Dropbox. Presenters can also save their sessions as PowerPoint files or PDFs or save individual slides and JPGs.

More Flexibility
Presenters can now start a live session by continuously streaming their content or share their screen when they choose to.

Live Annotation
Participants will receive annotations in super quick real time.

Added Screen Shade Functionality
Pausing a session now brings a screen shade down on everyone’s devices. Perfect when you want everyone to concentrate on what’s happening at the front of the room.

...and loads of more improvements:
We have, for example, improved how the backgrounds work, added support for Windows 8, added the ability to share images from the host and improved the screen-sharing elements of DisplayNote.