OPS Standalone Adapter 2.0

An external adapter which allows standalone operation of OPS slot-in computers and other OPS devices which operate externally from connected large format displays, projectors and desktop monitors.

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    Brightness [ANSI Lumen]
    Light Source
    Lamp Life [h]
    Weight [kg]
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    PX602WL-ProjectorViewDoubleDecker PX602WL

    NEC innovation in light source technology brings to market the new NEC PX602WL, a DLP Laser Installation Projector delivering all the benefits associated with the latest laser light source. With no lamp replacement necessary, maintenance is not required and longevity is assured. Achieving an outstanding colour gamut and supreme image detail at high resolutions, laser is the light source of the future. Addressing the demanding large venue environment, the new NEC PX602WL presents advanced network, multi-media and professional installation features for superior projection performance within Rental/Staging, Higher Education, Museums, large Corporates and Signage installations.

    6000 AL
    1MP 1280 x 800
    20000 h
    18.5 kg
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    PX803UL-ProjectorViewSlantLeft-Black PX803UL

    The PX803UL – simply “install & forget”. First grade high end blue laser diode light source, combined with an unique quality Phosphor wheel technology and no filter replacement required, results in an up to 20,000 hours hassle free operation. These features, bundled with a low overall power consumption, provide exceptional reliability and an attractive total cost of ownership addressing long lasting Signage installations or Museums. Superior cinema picture quality, especially on large screens is provided by 4k signal processing performance. Enhanced by an optional new ultra-short throw lens, this projector is also perfectly suited for Rental/Staging, Higher Education and large Corporate installations. All in all a perfect custom-tailored solution, saving you valuable time and money for a secure investment into a brighter future. To reduce your installation costs, the projectors can be ordered bundled with the NP18ZL standard lens, which meets the projection requirements of 90% of all installations! Bundle order codes: 40001153 (black); 40001154 (white)                                                                

    8000 AL
    2MP 1920 x 1200
    20000 h
    28 kg