Interactive Solutions

Collaboration Scenarios

NEC offers interactive collaboration solutions to improve productivity of class sessions in virtually any class scenario:

  • Interactive Whiteboard Scenarios based on Projection, Large Format and even Desktop Touch Solutions.
  • Teaching Scenarios that combine a tablet with an Interactive Whiteboard or Large Format Touch Display.
  • Class Scenarios where the Teaching Solution is accompanied by student tablets or BYOD (Bring Your Own Devices) enabling a complete environment of collaboration, annotation and sharing.

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  • Sharing and Collaborating
  • Projector/Display + Mobile Device (Multi-User)
  • Mobile Interactivity
  • Projector/Display + Mobile Device for Presenter
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector/Videowall + Touch display
  • Interactive Large Format Displays
  • Interactive Projectors
  • Interactive Wall Solutions

Projector or Display with Mobile Devices (Multi-User)

NEC has bridged the gap between traditional style presentation and the mobile world of today by developing a number of software solutions that make sharing control, or uploads from, or downloads to mobile devices a reality. Sharing is possible with any smartphone or tablet device with a wireless connection and the possibilities for extended collaboration are limited only by space available.

Powerful tools allow presentation saving, annotation, messaging, sharing or contribution to or from any wirelessly connected device. The NEC collaboration solution can operate with your existing hardware and any traditional operating system, so making your classroom future ready can be achieved on a fraction of the budget you may expect.

Relevant NEC Products include:


Projection or Display via a Mobile Device for Presenter


With simple to operate, intuitive software utilities, NEC delivers genuine mobile presentation so you can present, share, upload or take control via any smartphone or tablet device with a wireless connection.

Present on the move or stream wirelessly 'Full HD' movies to the screen and importantly never turn your back on the audience and lose engagement.


Relevant NEC Products include:

Projector or Video Wall with Touch Display

Presenting to larger audiences such as auditoriums is more flexible and convenient when delivered via an NEC Interactive Touch Desktop Display. An integrated webcam and 10 Multi-Touch points takes the challenge out of podium presentation and excellent ergonomics include extensive height adjustment and the option of removing the display and placing it as a tablet.

Choose from the dedicated 23 inch NEC E232WMT desktop podium solution or any size of Large Format Touch Displays.

Relevant NEC Products include:


Interactive Large Format Displays

An ideal solution for increasing productivity in smaller classes or workgroups in fixed wall mounted or ‘quick setup’ mobile scenarios (with an installed trolley). Improved engagement through Multi-user interaction is supported by up to 6 simultaneous touch points, while high readability even in bright conditions is assured with NEC's anti-reflective screen coating and bright LED backlit power-saving panels.

An ‘Option Slot’ (where applicable) offers an elegant and convenient route to performance and connectivity upgradability without the need for additional installation, cabling or power. interactiveLargeFormatDisplays

Relevant NEC Products include:

Interactive Projectors

Turn any whiteboard into an interactive or collaborative workspace with NEC interactive or multi-pen projection solutions and realise affordable large screen interactivity for conventional classroom scenarios. A wide range of options allows the choice of simple upgrade steps for standard or digital whiteboards where you decide the level of interactivity and projection characteristics to best match your classes needs.

NEC’s wide portfolio of Ultra Short and Short Throw Projectors makes choosing the ideal projector easy and NEC projectors have a wide range of image flexibility so installation is a simple process.


Relevant NEC Products include:

Interactive Wall Solution


Combine multiple projectors into one interactive surface

  • Scenario 1: Multiscreen / Extended desktop (multiple screens)
  • Scenario 2: One ultra-wide desktop (external edge-blending needed)