The magic combination: Laser, 3 LCD technology and filter-free design
The PA Series Laser Projectors
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Bring a sense of calm to your meeting and learning space
The P Series Laser Projectors
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Your all-in-one solutions for your meeting room
NEC InfinityBoards
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Six major developments in Large Venue Laser projection you must consider for future installs
NEC Laser Projectors
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ShadowSense Touch for Captivating Interactive Experience
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With scalable bezel-free image sizing, projection is the most flexible of display solutions providing creative opportunities to inform, present and impress. Offering many advantages where flat screen displays are unsuitable, NEC offers a wide range of technologies and brightness levels to perfectly meet the needs of numerous and varied applications.


Laser Projectors


NEC laser projection brings benefits to your business through long lasting maintenance-free operation of typically 20,000 - 30,000 hours, leading to significant savings in terms of operational costs. Impressive visualisation with versatile projection characteristics alongside high installation flexibility makes installation easy and worry free.

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Mobile Projectors


This range of ultra- light weight projectors offers the mobility you need in a fast paced world. Whether giving presentations at a customer’s site or for flexible office environments and resource sharing, these projectors adapt to your needs presenting with essential brightness perfectly viewable in controlled lighting scenarios.

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Desktop Projectors


Adaptable, professional projectors for mobile or mounted usage, NEC’s desktop projection range delivers good brightness capacities and long lamp and filter life to ensure a compellingly low total cost of ownership (TCO). Let your presentation shine bright and vivid with the confidence that your investment is secure.

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Professional Projectors


With high brightness levels and professional features, this series delivers affordable large-screen projection performance and includes both portable devices as well as products for permanent installation. Enjoy peace of mind with future-proof connectivity and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) whilst delivering impressive high impact presentations.

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Installation Projectors


For demanding professional setups, NEC’s installation projector ranges provide 24/7 operation, low TCOs driven by low maintenance filter-free design and long-lasting 20,000 h laser light technology, latest interface technologies and highest installation flexibility. With premium class picture quality these projection solutions offer a compelling proposition.

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Ultra-Short-Throw Projectors


Installed immediately above the projection screen, these projection solutions offer the perfect opportunity to incorporate interactivity. Casting no shadow, this range is perfectly suited for working directly at the image surface and is ideal where space is limited, leaving the presenter free to move around without danger of glare.

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Interactive Whiteboard Kits


The NEC Interactive Multi-Pen Whiteboard Kit brings an interactive experience to classrooms and meeting rooms to increase inclusion and participation. The interactive pen transfers the actions on the whiteboard directly to a fixed sensor module at the projector which needs only a single calibration to produce consistent and accurate writing and drawing results.

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UM351Wi Interactive Multi-Pen Whiteboard Kit

The NEC Interactive Multi-Pen Whiteboard Kit is an ideal solution to create an interactive world of experience and attendee participation in classrooms and the corporates. The Kit includes the NEC Multi-Pen Projector UM351Wi, including wallmount, …

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