Reactiv STAGE - Interactive Presentation Software

Interactive Presentation Software to create dynamic and engaging presentations in collaborative environments.

Download a fully featured 30 day trial version and enjoy STAGE beyond 30 days by activating it with a license key. To purchase the licenses, please contact your local NEC partner.

Passive slideshows can put your audience to sleep! Reactiv STAGE allows you to engage your audience through its easy to use and intuitive interface. Present your ideas, promote your products, convey your message, annotate and save your thoughts - all in a flash. Stimulate your audience!

Spice up your presentation with live annotations - STAGE’s industry leading multi-pen technology will allow multiple users to annotate one or more documents at the same time. Annotate now, read later; STAGE’s unique feature lets you store your annotations during a presentation in the original document format. STAGE has the ability to auto-detect and differentiate between stylus, eraser and the user’s finger, resulting in a seamless and natural interaction.


"On-the-run Mode" - lets you easily explore presentations from your USB flash drive without the need to first create a project to import your media files in STAGE.


Designed to serve ShadowSenseTM Touch - use STAGE with any interactive device or benefit from the advanced capability of the NEC ShadowSenseTM multi-touch display.


Supporting your Natural Presentation Style - enjoy intuitive presenting and let the presentation tool automatically switch between interactions including finger swiping, stylus writing and erasing.


Universal and Versatile in Formats - STAGE works seamlessly with any screen size and resolution. Its versatility allows you to create presentations in all common file formats.


Annotate now, read later - STAGE’s unique feature allows you to store your annotations in the original document format.


Present to a larger Audience - duplicate your content to a secondary screen simply by swiping to the top of your primary screen to improve visualisation for larger audiences and unusual shaped auditoria.


Multiple Pen Support

Why limit annotations to a single user? Industry leading multi-pen technology allows up to 10 users to annotate simultaneously.

Pen Computing

STAGE auto-detects and differentiates between stylus, eraser and the user’s finger, resulting in seamless and natural interaction.

Native Inking

Annotate now and read later. STAGE’s unique feature lets you store your annotations in the document’s original format.


Need a quick overview of your onscreen content? STAGE’s smart algorithm optimizes viewing of onscreen content.

Collapse All

Starting over with a clean slate is a breeze. With just one touch, all files are returned to the dock so you can begin your next presentation.

Smart Zoom

Let your audience see every detail. Zoom into content with a single finger tap and zoom out with two.

Web Content

Explore and navigate any content on the web. Manipulate, annotate and save it just like any other document.


Capture every detail of a presentation or meeting by taking a snapshot of the entire screen. You can even annotate directly onto the snapshot.


Jot down notes in an instant with the on-demand whiteboard. Keep your thoughts together without having to leave STAGE.

Secondary Screen

Reach a wider audience by projecting your actions and annotations onto a second screen. All it takes is one simple flick.

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