Fast, Accurate, Repeatable

ShadowSense have some of the fastest touch screen response times, regardless of the number of touches, and using the smallest amount of processing power possible.

Plug & Play

Does not need drivers or processor resources, and is a USB HID device. ShadowSense is compatible with all major operation systems – Windows, Linux, Android and Mac OS.

High Ambient Light Immunity

Even in direct sunlight or environments that are extremely bright, devices equipped with ShadowSense have sunlight readable touch screens that are virtually immune to ambient light problems.

Input Flexibility

Accepts touch inputs by gloves fingers, finger nails, pens, keys, credit cards, styluses, erasers, paint brushes, etc.

Ability to Sense Size of Object

When a device is able to detect size and spacing for touch screens, users gain exceptional control. Devices equipped with ShadowSense have this feature built-in, allowing for instantaneous reactions to different objects.

Failure Immunity

Avoid problems with unresponsive touch screens. ShadowSense touoch still works, even if parts of the screen are blocked or if other components of the device fail.

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