Dedicated Features for Interactive Signage Applications

Palm Rejection

Avoid unintentional inputs with palm rejection, one of the touch screen benefits of being able to detect object sizes and define what is recognized as a valid touch.

Eliminates Accidental Touches Based on Size

With ShadowSense, the user can filter out more unintentional touches by specifying the parameters of items that are considered acceptable inputs. The user can map out touches that are too small or too big.

Eliminates Accidental Touches Based on Speed

ShadowsSense touch is ensuring, quick accidental touches are not recognized as inputs. This makes ShadowSense touch screens much more reliable to use, which is important in a number of applications, including engineering, manufacturing, medical fields and aerospace.

Controls Transparent Touches

ShadowSense is aptly named, as it can filter out a shadow touch by detecting the shadow’s density, avoiding accidental inputs that might occur with water from spills or rain.

Controls Hover Distance

If you want to allow a device to detect inputs that do not actually touch the screen, you can allow for hover touch inputs that trigger from a predetermined distance above the screen’s surface.

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