Dedicated Features for Interactive Whitboard Applications

Recognize Pen and Eraser Instantly

Avoid cumbersome menu settings by enabling multi touch object recognition, letting you seamlessly transition between pen, eraser, and finger inputs. This feature is already supported by many applications (Microsoft Office, TouchTech LIMA, DisplayNote, etc. ShadowSense clearly distinguishes between the size of a pen and finger and an eraser ot the user’s palm (e.g. won’t accidentally erase with the palm).

Palm Rejection

Avoid unintentional inputs with palm rejection, one of the touch screen benefits of being able to detect object sizes and define what is recognized as a valid touch. Watches, shirt cuffs or bracelets brushing against the screen won’t register any input, increasing the reliability of use.

Recognition of Multi-Touch Gestures

Recognizes multi-touch gestures like swipes, pinch, flicks, tap, double tap and drag.

Easier to Process Mouse Click

The ability to accept multitouch input makes it easier for ShadowSense to identify different finger motions, distinguishing between double clicks, clicks, and click/drags more effectively.

Smooth Pen Stokes

High frame rates ensure smooth pen stokes which results in a more natural looking of annotations and the feel of the pen and the writing if much more realistic.

Fast Detection of Pen Up

Other touch technologies are not able to detect pen up very quickly, esp. if the user drags the pen very close to the surface of the glass. ShadowSense is able to predict pen up and pen down actions very quickly, eliminating the connected lines even when the user drags the pen close to the surface of the glass.

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