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McDonald’s Deutschland LLC

Top quality burgers, top quality displays

Individual, innovative, interactive – these are the cornerstones of McDonald’s Deutschland new restaurant concept. Under the motto “The restaurant of the future”, the world’s best known restaurant chain is implementing a concept in Germany which is breaking new ground in many areas.

Образцы проектов

Аэропорт Billund в Дании

NEC предоставляет новые дисплеи и консультации для лучшего обслуживания пассажиров

Существующая система отображения полетной информации (FIDS) в аэропорту Биллунна выбирает NEC для новых технологий отображения и всестороннего консультирования, чтобы изменить опыт пассажиров и получить новые возможности увеличения дохода

Образцы проектов

Институт бионауки Quadram

Облегчение совместной работы с визуализацией несжатого видео 4K

Объединяя партнеров из медицинской, образовательной, исследовательской и коммерческой сфер, Институт Quadram (QIB) опирается на надежную AV-инфраструктуру для поддержания их успешного сотрудничества. Множество адаптируемых конференц-залов оснащены дисплеями NEC для визуализации безупречного 4K-видео клинических процедур в реальном времени.

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M&S Bank Arena Liverpool

Making the digital transformation

There are many stakeholders who gain from digital communications; at the recently rebranded M&S Bank Arena Liverpool the system provides an enhanced visitor experience whilst delivering operational efficiencies and providing a medium for outreach for sponsors and advertisers. NEC display technology is utilised to meet the needs of all parties with high quality, high resolution digital surfaces.

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Scottish Submarine Centre

Immersive experiences through projection mapping

Bringing the ‘inside out’; projection mapping and VR technologies recreate the lives of submariners, projecting the inside workings of a submarine onto the outside of this museum’s single major artefact.

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University of the West of Scotland

The future of learning

Representing a shift in the way learning and teaching is defined in the higher education sector, the brand-new ultra-modern UWS campus in Lanarkshire offers a truly innovative, dynamic and collaborative student experience. NEC large format displays, video walls and projection technology support huddle spaces, classrooms, lecture theatres and social areas across the entire campus.

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Royal Opera House

A range of technologies for a variety of applications

Now a venue where you can experience the arts without even having to buy a ticket, visitors to the recently transformed Royal Opera House are invited to relax in the new café, restaurant and bar areas where visual stimulation delivered via NEC LED, LCD and Projection technologies serves to enhance the experience.

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State of the art conferencing facilities

Scout24 is driven by agility - the company leads the digital real estate and automotive marketplaces across Germany and other European countries, advising users regarding decisions relating to their new home or car. A recent office move means new meeting and conferencing rooms at the company’s Munich site offer even greater agility and efficiency.

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Increasing appetites with digital menu boards

In a highly competitive market, KFC relies on new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Using NEC displays embedded with Raspberry Pi computing, Digital Menu Boards at the fast food chicken outlet react quickly to changing offers to satisfy its customers’ appetites. 

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London Business School – The Sammy Ofer Centre

A cutting edge learning environment

Shaping a new generation of business leaders, the London Business School chose NEC projection and displays to support its teaching programmes. 24/7 reliability is crucial to ensure that learning support is not compromised to technology support.