Реализованные решения

Scottish Submarine Centre

Immersive experiences through projection mapping

Bringing the ‘inside out’; projection mapping and VR technologies recreate the lives of submariners, projecting the inside workings of a submarine onto the outside of this museum’s single major artefact.

University of the West of Scotland

The future of learning

Representing a shift in the way learning and teaching is defined in the higher education sector, the brand-new ultra-modern UWS campus in Lanarkshire offers a truly innovative, dynamic and collaborative student experience. NEC large format displays, video walls and projection technology support huddle spaces, classrooms, lecture theatres and social areas across the entire campus.

Royal Opera House

A range of technologies for a variety of applications

Now a venue where you can experience the arts without even having to buy a ticket, visitors to the recently transformed Royal Opera House are invited to relax in the new café, restaurant and bar areas where visual stimulation delivered via NEC LED, LCD and Projection technologies serves to enhance the experience.


State of the art conferencing facilities

Scout24 is driven by agility - the company leads the digital real estate and automotive marketplaces across Germany and other European countries, advising users regarding decisions relating to their new home or car. A recent office move means new meeting and conferencing rooms at the company’s Munich site offer even greater agility and efficiency.


Increasing appetites with digital menu boards

In a highly competitive market, KFC relies on new technologies to stay ahead of the competition. Using NEC displays embedded with Raspberry Pi computing, Digital Menu Boards at the fast food chicken outlet react quickly to changing offers to satisfy its customers’ appetites. 

London Business School – The Sammy Ofer Centre

A cutting edge learning environment

Shaping a new generation of business leaders, the London Business School chose NEC projection and displays to support its teaching programmes. 24/7 reliability is crucial to ensure that learning support is not compromised to technology support.

Herbert Smith Freehills

State-of-the-art deal suite

When you’re presenting to a high-profile client base, a sleek modern environment employing the latest tech to present your business credentials will serve to impress. Leading London law firm, Herbert Smith Freehills delivers an NEC visual experience within its deal suite and meeting rooms.

Cboe Global Markets

Intuitive operation boosts productivity

Where instant access to information and professional presentation to clients is crucial for business success, technology is well placed to support efficient operations.


Technology that focuses on people

Its motto ‘simplicity, integrity, inspiration’ lead Brainlab to partner with NEC to deliver intuitive technology offering impressive quality and reliability to provide an inspiring visual experience.


Media tech for bright modern office spaces

Low maintenance, reduced power usage, reliability and long life adaptability for future performance were critical success factors as SCANLAB sought a partner to equip its new meeting spaces. Displays and laser projectors from NEC deliver quality backed by exceptional support to ensure efficiency during meetings.


Формат «Super-large» для взаимодействия и визуализации

Демонстрируя, как широкоформатные сенсорные дисплеи могут обрабатывать и отображать сложные данные, Манчестерская лаборатория, разрабатывающая концепцию «умного города», выигрывает финансирование с интерактивной видеостеной NEC, огромным интерфейсом, соединяющим город.

Bayer UK

Гибкая работа в корпоративных стандартах

Перемещение офиса открывает захватывающие возможности для сближения AV и ИТ для достижения большей эффективности работы. Bayer UK выигрывает от универсальных конференц-залов в своем новом новом офисе, демонстрируя, как организация корпоративной культуры может привести к улучшению рабочих процессов и повышению производительности.

Кафе Marks & Spencer

Цифровые меню улучшают взаимодействие с клиентами

Возможно, поход в кафе является изюминкой любого шопинга. Предоставляя своим покупателям приятный отдых и напитки, кафе Marks & Spencer укрепляет репутацию розничного бренда, работающего на качество обслуживания. В оживленном магазине Fenchurch Street в Лондоне посетителей кафе ожидает яркий новый опыт.


Инновационный розничный опыт

Лазерная проекция и сенсорная технология открывают новые возможности для взаимодействия и общения с покупателями. IKEA использует технологии отображения NEC, чтобы клиенты могли легко получить доступ к информации о продукте и вдохновению к обустройству своих домов.

Флагманский магазин Clas Ohlson

Новые возможности привлечения посетителей и клиентов

Установка Retail Signage в магазине Clas Ohlson на главной торговой улице в Дроттнинггатане в Стокгольме, Швеция.


Переосмысление концепции цифровых вывесок в ретейле

132-экранная цифровая установка, полностью меняющая концепцию вывесок в торговле, расположилась в главном модном розничном магазине 18montrose. Поскольку видеоконтент постоянно адаптируется к происходящему в магазине, динамические цифровые поверхности играют центральную роль в поддержке этой захватывающей новой концепции розничной торговли.

Широкоформатные дисплеи NEC и лазерная проекция в Университете Чичестера

Конкурентные преимущества технологий

Создание гибких обучающих поверхностей позволяет преподавателям соответствовать потребностям студентов, поддерживая их собственные уникальные стили обучения.

San Bassiano Hospital

Collaboration through Telemedicine

Digital Health is the future of healthcare. Topics such as Telemedicine, Telehealth, virtual consultation, healthcare kiosks, remote patient monitoring and mobile applications will play a fundamental role in the future of healthcare treatments. San Bassiano Hospital embarked on an innovative project to create a Competence Centre which will bring the latest digital healthcare developments to the Bassiano del Grappa region.


Data driven audience delivery

Digital out of Home is entering a new era with embedded intelligence enabling brands to deliver highly targeted messages with accurate insights into audiences exposed to each campaign. Poised to transmit the right message in the right place at the right time, Orb has partnered with NEC to deliver an all-in-one DooH solution.

Showcase Cinemas

Creative signage changes the face of cinema

Cinema is no longer all about the movie; the visual experience is moving beyond the auditorium to stimulate and entertain cinema-goers in all areas of the venue. NEC digital screens transform the cinematic experience at Showcase Cinemas.

Schiphol Airport

High bright outdoor passenger information

Delivering an enhanced passenger experience goes way beyond the terminal building encompassing the entire journey to and from the airport. Visitors traveling through Schiphol Airport via bus are benefiting from real-time timetable information easily readable even in sunlit locations to ease their onward journey.

Palacio de Congresos de Valencia

Competitive advantage through technology

NEC Display Solutions has contributed to the technological transformation of the Valencia Conference Centre, equipping it with laser projection systems in a total of two auditoriums and nine meeting rooms.

IstanbulOnkoloji Hospital

Oncology MDT enhanced with display technology

Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT) sessions are crucial in oncology treatments facilitating collaboration amongst different specialties in achieving the best possible patient outcomes. The use of the latest technology in large format displays to support common discussion in radiology enhances the effectiveness of any MDT session across different specialties. IstanbulOnkoloji hospital has adopted the NEC 65” Ultra High Definition Large Format Display combined with the 8 megapixel Diagnostic Display MD Series to equip their MDT Boardroom.

University of Hertfordshire

AV tech facilities scientific research

Investing in homegrown academic talent whilst widening international reputation is all the more crucial in todays’ post Brexit Britain. The University of Hertfordshire’s ambitions to raise its profile have resulted in a magnificent new science building with cutting-edge technology including a range of NEC displays and projection solutions to support mainly undergraduate scientific research.