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Make an impression with the P506QL!

The P506QL laser projector with 4K UHD resolution and 5000 ANSI lumen is the perfect solution for retail, education and all kinds of corporate and leisure applications. Worry free with a minimum of 20,000 hours of laser lifetime and great flexibility due to various connection and placement possibilities.
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NEC Quicklaunch™ - What is it about?

Quicklaunch™ is a device and meeting management platform with intuitive user experience, including all major digital meeting platforms. Find out more about how Quicklaunch™ helps to releash the power of NEC’s interactive displays.

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Инструкция по чистке и дезинфекции

Защищая устройство от пыли и отпечатков пальцев, вы получите наилучшее впечатление от просмотра. В связи с угрозой Covid-19 мы рассказываем, как, следуя простым шагам, безопасно и надежно дезинфицировать ваше устройство без угрозы его повреждения.

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Partnering through Projection

At a time when the leisure industry is facing its greatest challenge, NEC is true to its friends, colleagues and partners across the cinema world by extending the warranty status on all its DCI projectors in a gesture of goodwill.

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Hand washing dynamic on NEC LED A Series poster

As the world begins to return to ‘normal’, maintaining good infection control procedures will be vital in the months ahead. NEC’s LED A series poster provides dynamic, eye catching content to remind people about social distancing and to direct and inform them about queueing procedures and the importance of hand washing. Instantly updatable, wipeable and robust, the A series can be moved to wherever it is needed.

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NEC P Series Laser Projectors - High bright projection has never been this quiet!

With NEC’s P Series Laser Phospor projectors, enjoy stunning, colour rich and detailed imagery whilst experiencing the minimum audio interruption and lowest maintenance levels.The power of silence starts here.
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Инсталляция светодиодного экрана NEC 137" для галереи изобразительного искусства в норвежском Осло

К открытию новой галереи изобразительного искусства в Aker Brygge в Осло было установлено решение NEC 137"LED-FE015i2-137, светодиодный бандл для высочайшего качества визуальной коммуникации создал привлекательную центральную часть витрины.

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NEC Quicklaunch™ Tutorial

Quicklaunch™ in action! See how Quicklaunch transforms your NEC InfinityBoard into a one-click meeting space. Quicklaunch™ is a simple and secure meeting room interface that provides multi-platform integration with 'One Touch' to join meetings, collaborating, share devices and more. Features like room reset and lockdown mode make it a secure solution for IT and end users.

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Видео-инструкция по установке светодиодной видеостены NEC

Пошаговое руководство, демонстрирующее, как установить светодиодную видеостену NEC с использованием бандла LED-FE012i2-110. Успешная установка основана на тщательном выравнивании настенных кронштейнов и опор рамы, что обеспечивает идеальную посадку в модульных кабинетах.

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NEC LED FE/FA Series Installation Time-Lapse

Designed with the integrator in mind for ease of configuration and maintenance; watch the time-lapse video to see how easy it is to create the ultimate in large surface visualisation.

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