ShadowSense Touch for Captivating Interactive Experience

ShadowSense touch technology is an innovative and patented optical position sensing technology. ShadowSense designs use high performance sensors to provide unprecedented performance, stability, and accuracy. The best analogy for ShadowSense technology lies in the 6,000 year old sundial. The shadow cast by a sundial instantly and accurately responds to the position of a light source without the use of lenses, with an infinite depth of field, and without the need for exposure control. ShadowSense technology exploits the same characteristics for touch applications, resulting in one of the highest performance, most robust optical sensing solutions available.

A dedicated dashboard tool allows the user to adjust the performance and touch characteristics based on specific application usage.

ShadowSense Performance

ShadowSense touch is based upon the precise and accurate detection of an object’s shadow as it enters, hovers within, or transitions out of a sensor’s field of view. The object’s position in the touch plane is then calculated based upon the ratio of a fully illuminated condition to the shadowed state for multiple light sources and multiple sensors.

When a finger or an object touches the screen, multiple shadows are cast out at different angles. Each one of the ShadowSensors calculates the angle of the shadow that falls upon it. The on-board processor calculates the interference pattern of the shadows detected by the various sensors. Simply, the interference pattern is where multiple shadows converge together and best describe the touch location. When the shadows converge, the intersection of the shadows also describe the size and shape of the object.


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