The NEC MediaPlayer

The intuitive, plug & play digital signage solution


Increased customer engagement

According to a recent survey, 64% of retailers benefit from increased customer engagement gained through digital signage. Improved customer service (57%), increased upsell & cross-sell opportunities (43%) and enhanced branding (43%) are all benefits which are clearly recognized by retailers convinced of the key role that digital signage plays in their business success.*

In the corporate and education sector, digital signage provides vital real-time communication outreach to visitors, staff and students whilst significantly reducing administration efforts. Similar benefits are experienced across so many operational environments.

Digital signage responds to many demands and numerous input sources. The NEC MediaPlayer provides the capability to deliver a system which is robust and adaptable to changing needs within vertical markets such as retail, quick service restaurants, real-time information and corporate environments. Initiating effective communication to your target audience has never been easier to plan, install and operate, with consistently updated information and hassle-free, real-time content adaption and scheduling.

* Digital Signage Trends 2019


Digital advertising and real-time information

Already embedded within NEC’s signage displays (V-Series MPi), the NEC MediaPlayer software is preinstalled on the Raspberry Pi compute module. Straight out of the box, this modular SoC MediaPlayer provides an intuitive plug and play digital signage solution, easy to manage and capable of guiding the user to create powerful visual experiences. 

The NEC MediaPlayer software operates on a single display or even connects multiple displays to an array within one network. The software and service is preinstalled and free of charge for the NEC customer. 

Choose from a broad range of media formats with HTML5 browser support to facilitate creative content creation for different demands. With only one user friendly menu, manage both the NEC MediaPlayer and the display via a browser client or the NEC Display remote control, whichever is most convenient. Even first time users are quickly managing multiple media types, scheduling and distributing content.


Intuitive to use

Simplicity is fundamental to the NEC MediaPlayer. Regardless of previous experience with signage systems, the NEC solution enables users to achieve exciting content playback within minutes of switching on:

  • Numerous input sources can be easily accessed via the on-screen menu. 
  • The QuickPlay function allows you to simply select the content for playback.
  • The content can be easily arranged and moved to create a playlist of choice.

This NEC digital signage solution provides one of the smartest combinations of intuitive media playback with professional digital display for impactful messaging in retail environments, leisure and museum applications, quick service restaurants, for corporate information as well as digital wayfinding in transportation hubs and public spaces.


Powerful and reliable performance 

The latest generations of Raspberry Pi compute modules deliver powerful performance and networking capabilities, making it the perfect host for the NEC MediaPlayer and for seamless integration into NEC’s displays, yet maintaining its low cost appeal. Embedded within NEC’s P, V and C* series and UN video wall series of large format displays, the Raspberry Pi compute module provides long-lasting performance independent of the host display ensuring future-proof investment security.

Reliability is paramount as the NEC and Raspberry Pi partnership delivers outstanding crisp content playback at an unrivalled price-performance ratio for critical applications. 

Open for boundless possibilities

Needs are changing and greater opportunities arise. Future-proof and scalable, the NEC MediaPlayer remains highly adaptable to meet specific needs and offers powerful capabilities. The NEC MediaPlayer allows direct user access to specialized or application-focused content management systems while keeping the same hardware and infrastructure for consistency and a safe investment. Digital Signage operators are invited to connect with our current NEC content management system partners to choose the best-fit solution for their demands. Deploying different CMS systems has never been so easy.

We welcome Digital Signage software providers to contact NEC in order to make their applications easily accessible through the NEC MediaPlayer.

See how easily the NEC MediaPlayer gets your message across:

Which NEC displays feature the NEC MediaPlayer?

V404-MPi3 V484-MPi3 V554-MPi3 V554Q-MPi3 V654Q-MPi3

Which Software Partners are NEC already partnering with?

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