Opciones para proyectores

Los diferentes opciones y servicios mejoran la capacidad de su sistema de proyección para poder así cumplir con sus requisitos y al mismo tiempo lograr los más altos niveles de rendimiento.

Accessory Category - Beamer


PJ04WHM Manually Height-adjustable Wall Mount

Manually height adjustable wall mount for U, UM and M Short-Throw Series projectors dedicated to schools and universities, corporate customers, conferences and hotels.

883 €


Cable cover for the lamp based PA3 projector series: PA653U, PA703W, PA803U, PA853W and PA903X.

59 €


Long zoom lens for the NEC PA 3 series.

2359 €


Short zoom lens for the NEC PA 3 series.

2262 €

OPS Intel Quad Core SoC based SBC

Latest generation of Intel Quad Core System on Chip (SoC) family (Braswell) based on a new microarchitecture and manufactured on Intel‘s industry leading tri-gate 14nm process

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OPS Standalone Adapter 2.0

An external adapter which allows standalone operation of OPS slot-in computers and other OPS devices which operate externally from connected large format displays, projectors and desktop monitors.

314 €

OPS 2C HDMI DisplayPort Interface

Fully integrated OPS-2C HDMI DisplayPort 1.2 Interface for compatible NEC Large Format Displays. The solution is optimised for NEC displays to deliver the best possible image quality in 4K/60Hz resolution.

217 €

OPS Single Board Computer Cortex-A53 Quad-core CPU

Conveying fully-featured computing intelligence to all NEC Large Format Displays featuring the OPS slot and NEC PX and PH Series installation projectors to facilitate demanding digital signage and presentation.

362 €


Middle zoom lens for the NEC PA 3 series.

1204 €


Filter set for the PA3 Series

96 €


Spare lamp for PA653U, PA703W, PA803U, PA853W and PA903X projectors.

447 €


Spare lamp for ME Series projectors.

429 €