NEC Display Solutions brings 4K Ultra-High Definition to desktops, large format displays and large venue projectors

Line-up reinforces industry leadership with 4K UHD roadmap


Munich, 03 July, 2014 – NEC Display Solutions Europe is set to deliver the broadest range of 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) displays and projectors with several additions to its portfolio. This product strategy reinforces NEC’s leading role in creating leading visual applications and to continue the dedication to achieve the best visual experience.

Each boasting an impressive 4K UHD resolution, a new large venue projector (PH1201QL; 4,096x2,160 resolution) as well as an 84-inch (MultiSync® X841UHD) and a 98-inch (MultiSync® X981UHD) large format display with 3,840x2,160 resolution will join NEC's recently launched 4K UHD MultiSync® EA244UHD monitor.

The PH1201QL is the world’s first compact 4K laser projector and is ideal for large venue installations. While the X841UHD and X981UHD large format displays set a landmark in image size and quality that is guaranteed to capture the undivided attention of the audience.

"The display industry will mark the year 2014 as the one in which 4K Ultra High Definition really took off. Originally promoted in the digital cinema world as the latest in real-life visual entertainment, NEC is enabling this exciting new high resolution to become firmly established in the desktop and large format display as well as professional projector market," said Stefanie Corinth, Senior Vice President Marketing and Business Development at NEC Display Solutions Europe. "NEC is uniquely placed to take tremendous advantage of the market in the 4K UHD era. We can now offer a broad portfolio of products and solutions ranging from smaller desktop sizes to larger format displays, and even powerful laser projectors for the largest image demands."

Thanks to its hybrid blue laser light source, the PH1201QL projector offers a targeted brightness of up to 12,000 lumen and as much as 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation. This makes it perfectly suited for rental and staging, as well as control room applications, universities, congress halls and museums. Similarly, the large format displays use IPS panels to deliver a higher degree of realism and provide a complete package for all kinds of demanding professional applications, including control room, post production, CAD/CAM, medical review, and life-size retail signage.

All of NEC's 4K UHD devices come loaded with innovative features and high-end components, including HDMI and DisplayPort connectivity as well as networking and support for OPS Slot-In PCs (where applicable).

The combination of low power components, more recycled plastics and being free of hazardous materials, as well as several energy saving features and sensors, ensures that all 4K UHD products align with NEC's Green Vision for sustainability and are as eco-friendly as possible.

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The NEC PH1201QL 4K laser projector and the NEC MultiSync® X841UHD large format display will become available in November 2014 while the NEC MultiSync® X981UHD large format display is due to be released in February 2015.

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