for the best possible support of the display in stand-alone installations

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Compatibility Order Code

MultiSync® X464UN-2; X464UNS; X464UNV-2; X401S; X401S PG; V323-2; V323-2 PG; V423; V423TM-2; V423-DRD; V463; V463-DRD; V463-TM2; P403; P403SST; P463; P463SST

ST-4020                         MultiSync® X462S; X462S PG 100012203

MultiSync® X474HB; V463 TM-2; V552; V552-DRD; V652

ST-5220                                  MultiSync® X554UN-2; X554UNS; X554UNV; X555UNS; X555UNV; X554HB; X552S; X552S PG; X551UHD; P553; P553SST; UN551S; UN551VS 100012201
ST-651 MultiSync® X651 UHD-2; X651UHD-2 SST; X651UHD-2 IGT; V652; V652 TM 100012828
ST-801 MultiSync® X754HB; X841 UHD-2; X841UHD-2 SST; X981 UHD-2; X981UHD-2 SST; V801; V801 TM; P703; P703 PG; P703SST; P801, P801 PG; P801SST; E705; E705SST; E805; E805SST; E905; E905SST                                100013328
ST-32E MultiSync® E325 100013911
ST-42E MultiSync® E425 100013944
ST-50E MultiSync® E505 100013945
ST-58E MultiSync® E585 100013910

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