Computing Solutions

NEC’s Open Modular Intelligence (OMi) platform provides a smart and seamless connection between source and display to deliver powerful, tailored and future-proof digital signage and presentations. Simplifying device installation, usage, maintenance and upgrade, the integrated slot-in options feature a customizable selection of computing power and signal distribution.


Slot-in and External Computing

Upgrade the power of your displays at any time with a wide selection of slot-in computing solutions providing a smart and seamless connection between source and display. Fully embedded players make digital signage simpler and more flexible without additional cables or devices whilst external player options allow the use of just one source for all displays in a network.

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Slot-in and External Interfaces

Slot-in OPS signal interfaces allow a seamlessly integrated extension of connectivity options. Applications can be easily extended through the integration of connectivity standards such as HDBaseT, SDI or HDMI, thus widening the performance level of the display or installation projector. External signal extensions are available for products not supporting the OPS slot.

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Wireless Transmission

The missing link to easy wireless presenting; reduce the frustration caused by connectivity or networking issues and a jumble of cables in meeting rooms. Wirelessly connect your own device for an effortless presentation using NEC projectors and large format displays. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) functionality supports Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS based devices.

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MultiPresenter Stick (MP10RX)

Wireless presentation solution for NEC Projectors and Displays, supporting multiple simultaneous connections on Win/MAC/iOS/ Android


Wireless LAN Module for the P, Mxx3, ME, MC, UMxx1 and UMxx2 projector series.


Wireless LAN Module for L51W and L102W LED Projector - For Europe.


Wireless LAN Module for M / P / PA / PX / PH / UMxx0 Series - for Europe only.


Wireless LAN Module for L51W and L102W LED Projector - For Middle East, Africa and Russia only.