Software Products

When matching our Hardware and Software Products, NEC focuses on one crucial objective: providing best-in-class visual experiences from a single source. Software solutions from NEC work perfectly together with the broadest display portfolio on the market whilst widening the range of applications. Discover new ways for device set-up, operation and control as well as for interactive and collaborative applications and accessing the IoT (Internet of things) to achieve more successful digital signage usage.


Calibration & Adjustment


Precise and uniform colour reproduction for professional and engaging visualisation is secured with easy to use software tools satisfying the highest demands for accurate colour rendition. Professional colour and image adjustments such as display colour control, video wall adjustments and projector edge blending are conveniently achieved and maintained.

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Connectivity & Image Transmission


Fast, intuitive and flexible image transmission is demanded to support productive workflows. From plug & play wireless content sharing in meeting rooms using your own device, to mission-critical visualisation of Big Data in control-room setups; whatever the application, NEC’s software solutions offer simple usability and modularity to support all stakeholders.

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Control & Monitoring


Essential tools for IT administrators to remotely manage their network of NEC display devices. Simplify the management of multiple devices to keep maintenance costs low, minimise downtime and ensure the efficient use of resources. Anonymous audience analytics tools generate invaluable data for marketing analysis and automated real-time advertising.

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Interactivity & Collaboration


Interactive presentations and collaboration in the corporate or education environment stimulates audiences and strengthens participation for enhanced outcomes. Interaction engenders engagement whomever your target audience. Personalized content tailored according to buying behaviour brings powerful possibilities for retail digital signage.

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Generate perfectly homogeneous digital canvases from multiple projection installations.

EyeRIS NEC Edition (IWB Setup Software)

Driver and calibration software for the interactive whiteboard kit and camera (UM Series projectors).

SpectraView II

SpectraView II is a highly accurate, reliable, repeatable and feature-rich solution for display calibration and profiling.

Multiscreen-Tool (Stacking/Edge Blending)

Easy set-up of a stacked or tiled projection for overlay or combination of projected images (Edge Blending and Stacking).

Display Wall Calibrator

The NEC Display Wall Calibrator system automatically adjusts the colour and brightness of each display to present the impression of one single digital canvas.

MultiProfiler Software

MultiProfiler is designed as a companion to NEC PA Series monitors providing complete control over the powerful technology in these models in an easy-to-use application.