Professional Short-Throw Projector

Type DLP
Luminosité [AL] 3300
Contraste 10000:1
Résolution 1024 x 768
Source lumineuse Lampe
Vie de lampe [h] 8000
Poids [kg] 3,7
Code commande 60003974

Prix sur necdisplay _at_ emea.nec _dot_ com


Active 3D glasses with DLP-Link synchronisation, suitable for all NEC DLP 3D projectors Foldable and rechargeable with a battery life of up to 40 hours.  

XPAND 3D RF Emitter

3D Radio Frequency (RF) Emitter generating Radio Frequency signals that synchronize active 3D glasses with the digital display device.  

XPAND 3D Shutter Glasses

Active 3D shutter glasses, for the PX803UL, PX1004UL and the PA Series projectors  


Cache Câble pour vidéoprojecteurs NEC série M2 et M3.

NP05WK Wall Mount

Solid wallmount for all NEC M Series short-throw models M332XS, M302WS, M352WS, M303WS, M333XS and M353WS.

PJ01UCM Universal Ceiling Mount

The PJ01UCM is engineered for compact strength and is designed with superior grip adjustment knobs to deliver the easiest fine-tuning for precise image alignment, with the capacity to hold up to a 20kg projector. While stout and sturdy in …

PJ04MHA Automatic Height-adjustable Mobile Mount

High-end Motorized height-adjustable Mobile Mount for NEC U, UM and M Short-Throw Series.

PJ04WHA Automatic Height-adjustable Wall Mount

High-end mobile mount for video conferencing suitable for NEC U, UM and M Short-Throw Series.

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