Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Philosophy

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH is strongly committed to environmental protection and sees recycling and energy conservation as the company's top priorities in trying to minimize the burden placed on the environment. We are engaged in developing environmentally-friendly products, and always strive to help define and comply with the latest independent standards from agencies such as ISO (International Organization for Standardization), TCO (Swedish Trades Union), EPA Energy Star, as well local laws and EU Commission Environmental Directives.

NEC Display Solutions' commitment to the environment goes beyond the formulation of a policy. More importantly, NEC Display Solutions is practically involved in the formulation, driving and implementation of EU environmental policies through membership of EICTA - the voice of the ICT industry to the EU Commission, and the Japanese Business Council Europe.

NEC Display Solutions has instituted an internal company program to ensure compliance to all the recent EU directives (WEEE, RoHS, Waste Packaging). We also work closely with partners and representatives to ensure legal compliance to any local environmental legislation.

On a global basis, NEC Display Solutions ensures that all manufacturing facilities (either owned or contracted) are compliant to the stringent ISO14001 (Environmental Management) norm.

Furthermore our parent company, NEC Corporation, is involved with Japanese industry forums, such as JEITA and JETRO, which together play an important role in the development and implementation of international environmental and trade policy.

For all CSR activities and achievements please see the latest CSR report of the NEC Corporation.

Learn more about the Sponsoring activities of NEC Display Solutions Europe on our country websites.

Find here information on the ‘NEC Make-a-Difference Drive (NEC MDD)’, where NEC group employees worldwide participate in a wide variety of social contribution activities for the realisation of an enriched society.


Green Company

NEC Display Solutions' environmental policy shows the commitment for environmental protection as a part of our philosophy:

  • We take responsibility for the society and promote Environmental Protection
  • We continuously minimize our environmental impacts over and above legal requirements
  • We expect our employees to actively respect the environment and take conscious decisions for environmental protection

Being responsible and committed to both customers and the environment

Since we see environmental conformity not just as a legal requirement but also as part of corporate social responsibility, we will fulfill all legal obligations and – where it makes sense – go even further.

We are constantly watching the legal developments and new regulations, observing the evolving market situation, actively preparing for any additional requirements, taking care to meet and maintain contractual demands, and above all informing our customers of any important developments or changes which have a business impact.

NEC ReTrade Programme  

The aim of recycling is to gain an environmental benefit by means of re-use, upgrading, reconditioning or reclamation of material. Dedicated recycling sites ensure that environmentally harmful components are properly handled and securely disposed. To ensure the best recycling of our products, NEC Display Solutions offers a variety of recycling procedures and gives advice on how to handle the product in an environmentally sensitive way, once it has reached the end of its life.

ReTrade programme for used projectors

In March 2013, NEC Display Solutions Europe launched its refurbish and reuse programme for aged projectors of any model and make. Customers, who recently purchased an NEC projector can trade-in their used product in the NEC ReTrade programme and receive a cash return. The returned units will be refurbished for future reuse in the market or recycled responsibly to reduce material waste and unnecessary resource consumption.

NEC’s ‘return, refurbish and reuse’ approach aims to help preserve the environment and provides an incentive to customers by reducing the acquisition costs of a new projector. To participate, consumers and dealers can simply visit the ReTrade website and provide proof of an NEC projector purchase in the last three months. Once the details of the old and new projectors are registered, an instant trade-in quote will be provided and the customer receives an email with a free shipping label to send in the used product.

In line with NEC’s Green Vision, to minimise environmental impact over the entire product lifecycle, 85 per cent of the returned projectors in the ReTrade programme will be refurbished and returned to the market. This reduces material waste, disposal of hazardous substances and unnecessary resource consumption. The remaining projectors, which are unfit for reuse, will be professionally recycled.

The NEC ReTrade programme is available to customers in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherlands and the United Kingdom and will be soon extended to other European countries.

For more information, please visit the NEC ReTrade website.

See the highlights of all environmental activities of the NEC Corporation in the Annual Environmental Report.