Compatible NEC display devices

  • NEC desktop display models
  • NEC large format displays – S, V, P, X series
  • NEC projector models with LAN or RS232 connection


Ideal for any multi-device installation, especially in the transportation sector (airports, train and bus stations), in corporate environments (office desks and conference rooms), in restaurants, cinemas, retail shopping, financial sector as well as in all educational applications (school, university).

The NEC Advantage

  • All-in-one remote support for desktop monitors, large format displays and projectors as well as any Windows-based computer
  • Reduces administration effort and costs
  • Eases operation of larger amounts of displays drastically
  • Allows detailed analysis about devices used
  • Supports to do “Green IT” with proactive maintenace


Key Functions


  • Interactive display settings control by remote over LAN
  • Easy adjustment of display setting using the DDC/CI protocol
  • Advanced monitoring and logging

Task Management

  • Command tasks – change settings or perform operations on devices (i.e. power on/off, change input, audio mute, etc.)
  • Conditional tasks – check settings and/or parameters at periodic intervals, alerts can be set if values of settings are outside of specified ranges of values
  • Informational tasks – read settings or parameters and display the results in real time.

Database and Reports

  • Provide information about connected devices
  • Reports can be generated by compiling information from any connected device for asset management or monitoring usage (i.e. energy savings and usage)
  • Results from these reports is saved to the internal database or sent to the clipboard, en excel spreadsheet or a delimited text file
  • All reports can be managed in a library within the software

Advanced functions

  • Remote Windows computer control (restart, shutdown, wakeup)
  • Windows computer monitoring incl. slot-in PCs (internal temperatures, internal fan speeds)
  • Operating system (CPU usage, available memory)

System Requirements

Operating System

32- and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8


Standard TCP/IP LAN interface. Static IP addresses required for most displays connected directly to LAN, unless name resolution (host name) support is provided.

System Resources At least 64 MB free hard-disk space for installation. Approx. 50 MB per 100 devices hard-disk space required for database storage. At least 96 MB RAM (192 MB recommended)