Visit NEC at ISE 2017

Meeting and Consultation Facilities
We have set aside a generous area for hospitality meetings. If you would like to make a reservation with any NEC staff, please contact the NEC reception desk in order to schedule your appointment.

Information Point
Our information point offers access to further information about the NEC Display Solutions portfolio or a place to register your details to receive more detailed information or follow-up action after the show.

Here you can see the  Integrated Systems Europe 2017 floorplan , to locate our booth on the ISE fairground.

Choose High Visibility

  1. Shine Bright
    • MultiSync ®  X754HB
    • MultiSync ®  X554HB
    • MultiSync ®  X474HB

    Visual Excellence in a Bright World

    Connecting with customers has never been easier, smarter or brighter. Whether in public places, a window storefront or at the airport, these high brightness displays will ensure your signage is visible to your audience.

    Always look on the Bright Side
    • LiFT L038Si 3.8mm LED

    Discover Intelligent LED Technology

    Excellent viewing angles allow you to attract audiences from varied locations. Modular, light weight and impactful LED walls let your brand flourish.

Choose A Wall to Fit

  1. Stay on top of Things
    • MultiSync ®  EX341R
    • MultiSync ®  EX241UN
    • MultiSync ®  EA275UHD
    • MultiSync ®  X651UHD-2

    Desktop Solutions for Dynamic Environments

    Handling and analysing big data is becoming more crucial and new technologies must make the managing of vast amounts of information easier. With Hiperwall, the supervision of vast amounts of information combined with maximum flexibility enables the operator to visualise crucial real-time content efficiently. The operator can zoom and position any content as required, utilising the full resolution of each screen, whilst maintaining full control over all data sources.

    The new 34″ EX341R desktop monitor effectively provides the viewing of two monitors in one device providing the ideal working space for dynamic environements.
    The NEC desktop portfolio also offers the EX241UN with minimised bezels for an unhindered multi-screen viewing or the EA275UHD for a ultra high definition ‘pixel-free’ viewing experience.

  2. Get the Wow factor!
    • MultiSync ®  X554UNS

    Super sized Video Wall

    NEC’s video wall solutions are sure to make a big impression! Precise colour reproduction, high contrast ratios and 24/7 operating hours will draw audiences all day long.

  3. Walls of Desire
    • MultiSync ®  UN551S

    A compelling Video Wall Experience

    The 55″ UN551S provides a perfect visual appearance, even in bright ambient light conditions. Its frameless design forms an entirely flat digital canvas allowing a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Choose Individuality

  1. Mirror. Monitor. Magic.
    • MultiSync ®  P484 Mirror

    The Captivating Magic Mirror Display

    Attracting and engaging audiences has never been more impressive. The special Schott mirror glass turns the new P series into a dual mirror and monitor, creating an unrivalled digital environment.

  2. Show your Colours!
    • MultiSync ®  V404
    • MultiSync ®  V484 PG
    • MultiSync ®  V554

    Any Size, any Colour, any Need, Anywhere

    Create the perfect colour match for your environment! NEC can offer different coloured bezels for V and P series displays based on your requirements.

Choose The Perfect Pitch

  1. LiFT up your signage
    • LED LiFT-L012Si
    • LED LiFT-L015Si
    • LED LiFT-L019Si
    • LED LiFT-L038Si

    The perfect pitch!

    We have the perfect pitch, whatever the viewing distance. With its light weight and physical size, the NEC LED modules are easy and simple to install - creating a bright and vibrant visual experience.This front-access pixel card solution offers straightforward access for maintenance, reducing installation and operation efforts drastically.

Choose Your Presentation Style

  1. Engage your Audience
    • MultiSync ®  E705 SST
    • MultiSync ®  P554 SST

    Present your Ideas – Promote your Products

    The NEC ShadowSense multi touch displays provide 10 touchpoints for unrivalled performance, stability and accuracy, whilst the Reactiv STAGE interactive presentation software provides the ideal solution for interactivity and audience engagement.

  2. If only everything was so Simple
    • ME401W

    The missing link to Easy Wireless Presenting

    Achieve a seamless collaborative environment for instant access to shared content and wireless presentation with the NEC MultiPresenter. The new ME-Series projectors combine these advantages with crisp and eye-pleasing images for more captivating lessons and meetings.

  3. Infinite Possibilities
    • InfinityBoard 65″
    • InfinityBoard 84″

    State-of-the-art Collaboration

    The InfinityBoard is designed to fit to every meeting scenario. Presenting, brainstorming, reviewing, video conferencing or collaborating – whatever the objectives of your meeting, the InfinityBoard presents a perfect fit modular solution to achieve your desired meeting objectives.

  4. Capture the Audience
    • 55″ IGT Touch Table
    • MultiSync ®  X981UHD-2

    Interactive Touch Table driving Creativity and Productivity

    The 55″ InGlass™ touch table with ultra-high definition ‘pixel-free’ detail provides an effortless user experience by delivering state of the art, true multi-touch performance, which promotes both interactivity and creativity.

  5. Stay in Touch
    • MultiSync ®  V554-T

    Visually Connected Collaboration

    Bring together teams, data and content by transforming your meeting rooms into a visual collaborative environment.

Choose More Brand Presence

  1. Stage your Brand
    • MultiSync ®  E556

    Entering Digital Signage with Impact

    The price point, reliability and professional feature set of the new NEC E series makes each display an attractive choice for commercial users; delivering impressive visual performance at a significantly low cost of ownership and maintenance free operation.

Choose Your Performance Power

  1. OPS: Modular and Powerful
    • MultiSync ®  P484

    Slot-in solutions boosting digital signage

    The new V and P series displays allow digital signage to achieve new heights where simplicity, modularity and flexibility are combined like never before. Seamlessly embedded into the display, the OPS Slot-in players run from our software partners BrightSign and Smartsign provide a professional signage solution without the need for additional cables, powering the display performance to suit any visual application.

  2. The meaning of Open Modular Intelligence
    • OMI Machine
    • MultiSync ®  V404

    Upgrade the Power of your Display at any time

    NEC’s Open Modular Intelligence (OMi) platform seamlessly connects the best of two worlds making digital signage applications futureproof. Fully embedded into the displays; Raspberry Pi computing, Intel based Slot-in PCs or selected signal connectivity widens the range of applications while providing a constant option to upgrade.

Choose The Power of Solutions

  1. It’s Time for Solutions
    • MultiSync ®  E232WMT

    Your Guide to Tailor Made Visual Display Solutions

    The web based NEC Solutions Zone portal acts as a virtual showroom providing information and access to the most compelling display installations. Be inspired and gain guidance on how a solution might be tailored for your application needs.

  2. The Power to Surprise
    • MultiSync ®  P554
    • MultiSync ®  P484

    How Raspberry Pi enhances the world of Digital Signage

    NEC is the first company to enable a seamless integration of Raspberry Pi’s devices into our displays. Discover how our partners integrate this new computing intelligence to create brilliant digital signage applications and engaging interactive presentations.

Choose Filter Free Installation

  1. The Laser Factor
    • PA803UL

    The ‘Multi-tool’ Installation Projector

    Explore visualisation, brilliant colours and superb dynamic contrast with the new PA series projectors. The latest addition to NEC’s laser line-up offers a stunning range of advantages including unique flexibility in terms of installation, visualisation and connectivity – just like a real ‘multi-tool’ device.

  2. Expect the Unexpected
    • PA803U

    Giving Versatility in Projection a Brand New Name

    This bright LCD installation projector combines both a stunning picture and a long lamp life resulting in long term performance and security of your investment.

  3. Protected Projection
    • PX1004UL

    The Projector is Moving Out

    Projectors aren’t usually designed for rough and harsh environments. NEC offers an exception to the rule by providing a climate housing with an integrated dual-circuit cooling circulaton system, to offer you the solution for creating brilliant projection installations in public areas such as subway stations.

  4. Simply ‘Install and Forget’
    • PX1004UL

    A Perfect Custom-tailored Solution

    The PX1004UL projector is designed for professional installation scenarios in which a reduced total cost of ownership and maintenance are crucial. 20,000 hours hassle free operation with a laser light source brings long-term peace of mind, significantly reducing the draw on your resources and securing your investment.

  5. The Art of Projection
    • PX1004UL

    Contemporary Art supported by Powerful Projection

    Powerful projection technology brings art to life. Innovation in solid state light sources brings compelling benefits to projection technology, requiring virtually zero maintenance, allowing for flexible and creative installations, enhancing even the most artistic of environments.


  1. On Air
    • MultiSync ®  PA322UHD-2SV2
    • MultiSync ®  EA275UHD
    • MultiSync ®  X651UHD-2

    Broadcast Flawless Content to a Demanding Audience

    Let your camera capture clear and clean images with no rainbow effect by adding the anti-moire filter to your LED backdrop. Moving on to post production, UHD monitors ensure a ‘pixel free’ view of videos, allowing for flawless content production.

  2. Studio
    • LiFT L015Si 1.5mm LED



AirportLabs is an R&D company focused on making aviation more efficient. They develop cloud based solutions for airport and airline customers. Their data driven tools provide situational awareness and optimization for passengers, staff and crew. They influence the journeys of over 150M PAX annually.

At ISE they showcase our cloud based total passenger communication platform. VisionAir provides flight information (FIDS), media and smart wayfinding in a platform independent environment, covering the needs of operations, concessionaires and media companies. The data integration capability allows for efficient operation and allows targeted advertising.


BrightSign LLC, the global market leader in digital signage media players, is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, with offices in Europe and Asia. BrightSign manufactures media players, and provides free software and networking solutions for the commercial digital signage market worldwide, serving all vertical segments of the digital signage marketplace. From entry-level BrightSign LS players to BrightSign XT players offering state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed performance, BrightSign’s products are known for their signature reliability, affordability, ease-of- use, and market-leading technology. For more information, visit .


Grassfish is the leading European provider of digital signage software with a large portfolio ranging from digital signage installations to interactive tablet PC solutions. Grassfish supports media systems that create a unified digital communication experience across a broad range of settings.


With offices in Norway, USA, India, and UK, Huddly was created to elevate communication with compelling and intelligent vision products for everybody. Huddly is the intelligent videocamera platform that gives everyone the freedom to express oneself and collaborate anywhere. Due to cutting-edge software technology, Huddly processes high-resolution video instantly and adapts to any lighting condition. As a result, Huddly elevates communication. The things we take for granted when meeting face-to-face (facial expressions, gestures, emotions) are no longer lost in transmission. We provide a hassle-free, breathtaking video experience.


Intevi LTD, a market leader that designs and creates innovative digital media products and solutions that truly meet the project and overall business needs of all our global customers. At ISE’2017 we are showcasing the Intevi Digital Television Solution (IDT) - the true convergence between IPTV and Digital Signage. Developed and built in the UK, IDT combines IPTV with Digital Signage into one modular hardware and software solution and delivers to the market a powerful offering that is simple to setup, easy to use, feature rich and able to scale without compromise to feature sets. Intevi IDT is the only IPTV solution compatible with the NEC embedded compute module which opens a vast range of possibilities in any vertical market.


MDT Medientechnik GmbH is your experienced partner in Digital Signage since 1999. MDT is a German company based in Longuich on the Moselle who is passionate about creating user-friendly, customised CMS software solutions. They are constantly developing new features that make their DOOH system even moreintelligent and powerful. Their products range from a creative creation tool over extended administration utility to the freedom of controlling all your devices from anywhere via cloud computing.


Audio specialist Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems. Sennheiser operates its own production facilities in Germany, Ireland and the USA and is active in more than 50 countries. Sennheiser is a family owned company that was founded in 1945 and which today has 2,700 employees around the world that share a passion for audio technology.


Smartsign develops and sells software for digital signage. Smartsign was founded in 1998 and the product, Smartsign Display Manager, is today used by more than 1,500 B2B customers in over 30 countries.

Smartsign Display Manager is a completely packaged product, used in a large number of companies and organisations from retail and hospitality to outdoor and corporate. Their solution is well known for its user friendliness and wide platform support. It also includes support for mobile devices, such as phones and tablets.