Visit NEC at ISE 2016

Meeting and Consultation Facilities
We have set aside a generous area for hospitality meetings. If you would like to make a reservation with any NEC staff, please contact the NEC reception desk in order to schedule your appointment.

Information Point
Our information point offers access to further information about the NEC Display Solutions portfolio or a place to register your details to receive more detailed information or follow-up action after the show.

Please visit the Integrated Systems Europe 2016 floorplan, to locate our booth on the ISE fairground.

Collaborative working and learning on a digitised workspace; overcoming time and space limitations with interactive and large sized displays such as Ultra Short Throw projectors or Large Format Display Solutions.


Creating visual highlights to impress, inform and excite people utilising SSL Laser Projectors, Video Walls or LED fine pitch modules.

  1. Brighter than the Sun
    • new MultiSync® X754HB
    • MultiSync® X554HB

    High Bright Retail Signage
    Public places, a window storefront or the airport: these high brightness displays will make sure your advertising campaign or crucial information like flight data is visible to your audience in any lighting condition.

    Partner: Dotorigin

  2. Orchestrating a brighter World
    • PH1202HL

    Dynamic world mapping
    We’re making the world a little brighter – at least for 20,000 hours. Be our witness and check out the dynamic mapping on a tailor-made surface.

    Partner: URBANSCREEN

  3. SSL – Because you deserve more
    • PH1202HL

    Projector Stacking
    How do you get more out of your projection system while saving on unnecessary cost? With Solid State Light source technology you can enjoy up to 20,000 hours maintenance-free operation, protecting your budget and the environment at the same time. Achieve a greater impact on your audience through higher brightness, crisper colours and better visibility.

  4. This is Your Moment
    • PH1201QL

    4K Projection Experience
    When the lights turn off and the show begins your moment has come! Built upon the latest technologies it is easy to stay laser focused on your show and to impress the entire audience with crystal clear image reproductions.

  5. Stay on top with a Single Touch
    • V322X
    • M403W
    • UM361X
    • PA522U
    • P502H
    • U321H
    • M352WS
    • Shelf Labels EE201; EE440
    • MultiSync® X651UHD
    • MultiSync® E232WMT

    Interactive Projector Showroom
    In our projector showroom, we give you a glimpse of our wide projector portfolio.
    Be enchanted by a Retail Signage Application truly demonstrating the next level of dynamic and context aware signage solutions. The electronic shelf labels can be updated in real- time, thanks to a powerful and easy to use software solution.

    Partner: Grassfish

  6. Blended by the Beauty
    • new PX803UL

    Edge blended ultra-short throw projection
    How do you enlighten your audience? Solid State Light source technology is perfectly suited for edge blending applications and provides high installation exibility even in limited spaces.

  1. Customise your Display
    • MultiSync® P463
    • MultiSync® P463 Mirror
    • MultiSync® P463 PG
    • MultiSync® P463 SST

    Base Model with Enhancing Options
    Are there moments when you realise you need more from your display? Do you desire safety, magnificence or interaction? We offer the upgrade options of tomorrow already today!

  2. No Hassle with the Bezel
    • new MultiSync® UN551S

    4x3 Video Wall
    With only 1.9mm bezel gap, the new MultiSync® UN551S creates stunning video walls with native UHD daisy chaining for the ultimate visual attraction.
    With the ultra-slim bezels and exact synchronization across the individual screens, amazing results are achieved in high bright conditions and in continuous operation.

  3. Get the wow-Factor!
    • new MultiSync® X555UNS

    4x4 Video Wall
    Create and display your dynamic images with uniform brightness and colour rendition.
    NEC’s video wall solutions ensure the big impressions you desire. Effortless readability with precise colour reproduction and high contrast ratios will attract attention.

  4. Mirror Mirror on the wall...
    • MultiSync® P801
    • MultiSync® P703

    Magic Mirror
    Four displays placed behind semi-transparent Mirror Glass create eye-catching visual effects and enhance your fitting room. Our P Series sparks with 700 cd/m2 brightness to display crisp images in this interplay.

    Partner: insm

  5. A new Era of Visual Experience
    • MultiSync® X981UHD

    98" High Quality 4KUHD
    How do you get the most out of your display? 4K UHD delivers more visual workspace combined with a “pixel-free” viewing experience. Due to the large size, the ideal viewing distance is effectively extended, allowing both long distance and proximity viewing. It is not just more pixels but better pixels, providing accurate, consistent and controlled colours.
    Did you know that 4K UHD displays are also available as touch solutions?


Authentic colour reproduction and image sharpness is vital in the Media and Broadcast sector, where accurate soft proofing techniques help to reduce cost and increase efficiencies.

  1. Fine Pitch, Big Impact
    • new NEC LED LiFT L015Si

    1.5mm Fine Pitch LED Wall
    How flexible is your current signage solution? Lift up your signage to new heights with easy to install and maintain LED modules providing crystal clear and extra sharp image quality.

    Partner: S-quadrat

  2. UHD "Pixel-free" Experience
    • new MultiSync® X551UHD

    Colour Calibratable UHD Reference Display
    Loaded with innovative features and high end components, the UHD models deliver an extraordinary reality-like visual experience with a richness of detail and controlled colour reproduction. The colour you see on screen must accurately match what you see on the shelf or in print.
    Demonstrating a full broadcast workflow, DailyDOOH editor in chief Adrian Cotterill interviews top class guests in a studio scenario, while his team is doing the post production work. To learn more on post production, please refer to Review.

    Partner: S-quadrat, Adrian Cotterill


Context aware Signage, key criteria for Retailers to address unknown customers to run successful marketing campaigns; providing individual messages and personalised content thanks to leafengine and FieldAnalyst.

  1. Detection in Perfection
    • MultiSync® EA245WMi
    • MultiSync® EX241UN
    • MultiSync® V552

    FieldAnalyst and ultra-narrow bezel desktop displays
    If analyses processes are run through visual display solutions accuracy and reliability are required. Thanks to ultra-narrow bezels, the latest addition to our desktop displays portfolio is appearing elegant and perfectly suited for multi desktop applications, creating large individual workplaces.
    FieldAnalyst software is based on facial detection. It automatically detects human presence while estimating age, gender, distance and viewing time, counting the number of people from anonymous images captured by video cameras. This is delivering a basis for staffing, providing feedback about advertising efforts by counting traf c or enabling dynamic adoption of digital signage content to address the target group actually present. FieldAnalyst is providing the tool to create & measure successful communication base on real-time data – potentially connecting the of ine world to be online
    Hiperwall 4.0 comes in two editions: Standard (ST) and Fault Tolerant (FT) and fully supports mission critical applications to avoid downtime and to ensure smooth operation.

    Partner: NEC Laboratories, Heidelberg, Hiperwall


Reference Imaging Solutions, meeting the highest demands in colour accuracy and attention to detail for production and review in Media and Broadcasting environments.

  1. UHD 'Pixel Free' Experience
    • MultiSync® PA322UHD-SV2
    • MultiSync® EA275UHD

    Post Production
    The images recorded in the broadcast studio are transferred to the edit suite, where they are edited and reworked.
    In order to ensure perfect reviewing results, no compromise in quality is acceptable. The Reference Imaging Solutions are meeting the highest demands for colour accuracy and attention to detail for production and review in Media and Broadcasting environments. We deliver not only more, but better pixels. Colour Accurate Displays with SpectraView are combining the very highest standards of colour technology and panel expertise. The two UHD Desktop monitors, PA322UHD-SV2 and EA275UHD are used to achieve best picture quality and colour delity for critical applications requiring absolute attention to detail.


Visualising large amounts of data and media, monitored on large screen spaces, controlled and manipulated via Hiperwall.

  1. Everything Under Control
    • MultiSync® X554UNS
    • MultiSync® X981UHD
    • MultiSync® PA242W
    • MultiSync® E232WMT
    • MultiSync® EA275UHD
    • MultiSync® PA272W

    Control Room Scenario
    The preferred choice in mission critical application, such as command and control to show essential information, are video walls or numerous LFDs. It becomes more and more important to deal with big data in order to provide situational awareness. Hiperwall - a software connecting to infinite output displays and unlimited numbers of sources - perfectly supports this. Based on a defined network, it offers scalability, eliminates pricy servers, matrix switches and distributors while enabling the user to simply determine both size and position of the content.

    Partner: Hiperwall


Future Proof your Display

Evolve your displaying device into a visual client.
How do you upgrade your display? OPS Slot-In Options make digital signage simpler and more flexible without additional cables or devices. Future-proof your computing technology, signal distribution and media playback at your own pace. Take advantage of a wide range of interchangeable options following the industry wide OPS specifications.
We offer a wide selection of interchangeable solutions including computing technology, signal distribution and media playback. The embedded OPS Slot-In Option enables compatible Displays and Projectors to be upgraded to a tailor-made solution which matches the specific demands of any vertical sector such as Aviation and Transportation, Corporate, Education, Energy and Utility, Leisure, Retail and Signage as well as Rental and Staging.


  • DisplayNote, Ireland

    DisplayNote transforms presentations for presenters and participants. Use it to present wirelessly with an iPad or Android and mirror your screen to every participant's device. Attendees can view and capture your slides on their device and collaborate with each other in real-time.

  • Baanto

    Baanto International Ltd. is a leading developer of innovative, high performance, and scalable touch solutions. With eight patents filled and twelve in process, Baanto ShadowSense for touchscreen applications solves many of the technical issues that plague other touch technologies.

  • Dotorigin

    Dotorigin is a leading specialist distributor of smart card, RFID and NFC products from many key manufacturers, as well as a developer of value added software and hardware solutions aimed at selected vertical markets.

  • FlatFrog

    FlatFrog makes true multi-touch screens in large sizes based on their patented multi-touch technology, called Planar Scatter Detection (PSD). It's an optical in-glass technology with unprecedented performance through advanced opto-mechanics and signal processing.

  • Grassfish

    Grassfish is the leading European provider of digital signage software with a large portfolio ranging from digital signage installations to interactive tablet PC solutions. Grassfish supports media systems that create a uni ed digital communication experience across a broad range of settings.

  • Hiperwall, US

    Hiperwall is a high-performance video wall and distributed visualization software solution that can display a wide variety of content with unmatched speed, flexibility and functionality in extremely high-resolution.

  • insm

    insm are the market leading developer of the award winning Instoremedia Enterprise Digital Signage Platform. The Instoremedia platform offers an extensible, easy to use content deployment platform and CMS.

  • NEC Laboratories, Heidelberg

    NEC Laboratories Europe focuses on software-oriented research and development of technologies to enable advanced solutions for society. In particular, innovative communication architectures and systems are developed that apply the software defined network paradigm to next generation fixed and mobile networks.

  • Nytric

    Nytric Ltd is a unique R&D and Product Commercialisation Consulting Firm that can bring your product ideas to realisation sooner and with less risk.

  • Scalable

    Scalable Display Technologies produces ground breaking software that automatically calibrates and edge-blends multiple projectors into seamless digital displays.

  • Smartsign

    Develop and sells software for digital signage used for internal and external communication.

  • S-quadrat

    Since its founding in 2005, S[quadrat] has established itself as one of the leading providers of display systems in the field of video and information systems as well as architecture.

  • TouchTech

    Designed and developed to be the most intuitive presentation and collaboration tool for multi-touch displays.

  • URBANSCREEN, Germany

    URBANSCREEN conceives and produce custom-made, site- specific media installations using high artistic standards and an interdisciplinary approach to stylistic devices.

  • U-touch, Poland

    U-touch is one of the world's leading specialists in touch screen technology. Over the past 16 years, they have been designing and creating ground breaking touch technology for clients across the globe.

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