Visit NEC at ISE 2017

One Brand – Bright Choices

Please visit the Integrated Systems Europe 2017 floorplan, to locate our booth on the ISE fairground.

The number of meeting rooms in Europe is growing and whilst there are many ways to facilitate working together, interactivity is trending. Presentation, ideation and collaboration has never been more smartly integrated into today’s work life. Our broad range of solutions includes the ultimate productivity boosting meeting space solution, InfinityBoard; wireless presentation with MultiPresenter and Reactiv Stage software which supports creative presentation techniques.

Choose the power of solutions

The new V and P Series Displays will drive Digital Signage to achieve new heights where simplicity, modularity and flexibility have never been combined in a smarter way before. Seamlessly embedded into the display, the Raspberry Pi compute module facilitates a Professional Signage solution without the need for additional cables, fine-tuning the display performance to suit any visual application.

Choose filter free

When we first pioneered professional laser projection two years ago we were optimistic that it would change the industry and widen the application for installation projection. Now, seeing how fast our prediction has taken shape is testimony to the compelling benefits of maintenance free operation and superb image quality which early adopters are already enjoying. See our two latest laser innovations working together to create inspirational visual scenery.


It’s not just our Digital Signage displays that command attention, in our broadcast and interview area we will welcome the true leaders of Digital Signage and talk about what really matters at ISE. Join the sessions and get first-hand information from the industry experts. In addition, we are showcasing real life solutions in cooperation with our partners to illustrate how impactful Digital Signage can be.

Choose the perfect pitch

Since LED came indoors and the accuracy of detail fulfilled the needs of shorter viewing distances and decision making, many enterprises are attracted by the elegance of a well-designed LED solution. With a rapidly growing market we have addressed the critical success factors including image stability, colour performance and front serviceability for easy maintenance.

Choose individuality

Since Digital Signage Displays are used in many different applications, it is vital to provide a tailor-made solution for the user in order to reflect his unique needs. Customising the display to your exact requirements has never been so simple or more flexible before. Alongside Protective Glass displays for public spaces and Touch integration for interactive information sharing, we are pioneering new ways to broaden the application of display technology. Our Mirror glass displays allow creative outreach to shoppers or museum-goers and our display frames can be colour coordinated to match corporate requirements or simply to be perfectly integrated into the environment.

Choose high visibility

Perfect Perception of displays even in challenging conditions such as bright lighting is crucial. Attracting the attention of passers-by with store front displays and signage in sunlit atriums demands a specialist solution and as Digital Signage becomes more prevalent in the outdoor context, we invite you to see and compare our superior technologies for bright environments at ISE.

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