Visit NEC at ISE 2018

Meeting and Consultation Facilities

We have set aside a generous area for hospitality meetings. If you would like to make a reservation with any NEC staff, please contact the NEC reception desk in order to schedule your appointment.

Information Point
Our information point offers access to further information about the NEC Display Solutions portfolio or a place to register your details to receive more detailed information or follow-up action after the show.

Here you can see the Integrated Systems Europe 2018 floorplan, to locate our booth on the ISE fairground.

Engage – Retail Signage

Impact your sales uplift

Create a more engaging in-store customer experience and connect with today’s smart shoppers. Retail signage is an essential part of a store concept when it’s providing relevant and context-aware information to buyers in real-time. Boost sales through multi-touch or sensor-based interaction.

  1. Stunning visibility in a bright world

    • NEC MultiSync® X754HB

    Connecting with customers has never been easier, smarter or brighter. Whether in public environments or a window storefront, this life-size high brightness display ensures your content is clearly visible even in the brightest sunlit conditions.

  2. Seamless large canvas

    • NEC MultiSync® UN551S

    Attract and engage your audience with huge digital surfaces, creating an unhindered viewing experience. Adaptable, scalable and modular NEC video wall solutions offer a completely homogeneous image across multiple unified screens with colour accuracy and uniformity.

  3. Boost your viewing experience

    • new NEC MultiSync® V654Q

    Benefit from the UHD resolution viewing experience and HDR support with 24/7 worry free operation at the lowest operational investment. The modern and slim design is the perfect fit for surrounding architecture whilst the brightness output of 500 cd/m² along with the low reflection anti-glare surface offers superior visibility under common light conditions.

  4. Lift up your signage

    • new NEC LiFT L028Se

    Direct view LED provide crystal clear images for the ultimate visual experience. Create digital canvases flexible in size with stunning image quality. The front access allows for quick and easy maintenance, resulting in a saving in both time and cost. Upgrading the resolution can be as simple as exchanging the hot swappable, magnetic pixel cards.

  5. The Definition of Digital Signage

    • NEC MultiSync® P484

    Deliver your message with impact and seamless simplicity for the most convincing results. Compelling readability even in bright ambient light conditions is guaranteed with high brightness levels of 700 cd/m² combined with an anti-glare surface. Demanding usage scenarios are supported by mission-critical 24/7 operation.

  6. Create an inspiring retail experience

    • NEC MultiSync® P554MG coloured bezel

    Invite your customers on a fascinating journey where the semitransparent mirror glass surface creates a captivating interplay between a real mirror and a digital signage display. Retailers can offer additional targeted information whilst shoppers can use the mirror surface to decide their favourite styles.

  7. A new era of digital poster

    • new Fine Pitch LED digital poster

    Discover the most stunning free standing life-size poster! Super light and thin, the all-in-one LED screen is bringing to life a mobile digital poster. Easy set-up and maintenance is guaranteed with plug-and-play capability, front maintenance and flexible installation. The fine pitch resolution provides crisp and clear images even from short viewing distances.

  8. Context aware signage at its best

    • NEC LiFT L015Si

    Engage and captivate customers looking for the ultimate customer experience with interactive furniture! The Leaf Shelf unites modern furniture with sensor integration using NEC leafengine technology – a middleware that reacts upon the viewers’ behaviour. Context aware content based on the customers’ interaction is visualised on the direct view fine pitch LED.

    Partner: Gundlach Seen Media AG | Vitra

  9. Don’t let technology impact design

    • new NEC MultiSync® C551

    Get seamless integration with the slimmest NEC large format displays. The super slim design allows new ways of displaying your signage: Two displays integrated back-to-back into a totem showing content on both sides. Utilise your space and attract customers with stunning content!

    Partner:Smart Media Solutions

  10. Contextual and personalised digital signage

    • NEC MultiSync® P554

    Create lasting impressions in retail environments, passenger information, quick service restaurants and other public spaces with the most sophisticated digital signage displays. The large format display is connected to a context-aware signage system which is analyzing the audience and providing tailor-made offerings to the individual visitors in real-time. Improve your customer engagement and increase your sales!

  11. Upgrade the power of your display at any time

    • new NEC MultiSync® C551
    • new NEC MultiSync® V554-RPi
    • new NEC MultiSync® V864Q
    • new NEC MultiSync® P654Q

    NEC’s Open Modular Intelligence (OMi) platform provides a smart and seamless connection between source and display, delivering powerful, tailored and future-proof digital signage. It simplifies device installation, usage and maintenance whilst making upgrading digital signage equipment easier. The comprehensive line-up of computing performance devices ensures the perfect match to all usage scenarios and requirements.

    Enter the world of computing with the smart and seamlessly embedded Raspberry Pi compute modules which offer smooth Full HD playback for basic signage applications. 4K UHD media playback for high resolution signage displays is supported from various Slot-in PCs where performance can be selected according to individual needs. The Intel Core i7 Slot-in PC serves most demanding performance needs delivering highest performance levels for multi-source playback and multi-task operations. The external computing device for basic signage applications perfectly supports all displays that aren’t equipped with an interface for seamless media playback integration.

    Partner: Raspberry Pi | Grassfish

Connect – Meeting & Conferencing

Meet, connect and collaborate seamlessly

We can help you connect people, in any scenario: interactive, on-site and remote, in big or small audiences, scheduled or spontaneously. With the broadest range of display solutions from desktop and large format displays via direct view LED walls to projection, we help you to find your perfect fit.

  1. Create, Collaborate, Communicate

    • new NEC InfinityBoard 65″, 84″

    Experience a versatile display solution designed to support interactive and creative workspaces. The NEC InfinityBoard is equipped for video conferencing, creative brainstorming and collaboration and is the ideal tool to support ad-hoc group working which is becoming ever more prominent in today’s business, education and commercial environments.

    Partner: DisplayNote | Hoylu| Regout Balance Systems| Sennheiser

  2. Communicate and exchange knowledge in the board room

    • new NEC PX1005QL
    • new NEC LiFT L012Si

    Analysing big data is crucial in a board room environment. It is essential that the access, management and perception of information remains intuitive, manageable and clearly visible.

    A very detailed image resolution up to UHD allows the finer details to be clearly identified and analysed whilst reliable colour reproduction is important to respond to colour critical applications.

    Installation projectors are flexible to integrate and can provide the largest scalable image sizes. Large format displays provide screen sizes of up to 98’’ suitable for board rooms of up to 15 seats. The modular approach of direct view LED supports a scalable digital canvas from smaller to truly large application scenarios.

    Regardless of the display technology selected, the management and provision of data in many cases from multiple sources, is key for an optimum visual experience. With Hiperwall software, the management of vast amounts of information combined with maximum flexibility enables the operator to visualise crucial realtime content efficiently.

    Partner: Hiperwall| Matrox

  3. Desktop monitors setting the workspace productivity benchmark

    • new NEC MultiSync® EA245WMi-2
    • new NEC MultiSync® PA271Q
    • new NEC MultiSync® E232WMT

    Manipulating large amounts of data is a requirement which is managed by desktop monitor solutions.The finest image quality for better accuracy and performance is delivered by the PA271Q monitor with WQHD resolution and 24/7 operation for mission critical usage cases.The E232WMT multi-touch monitor supports intuitive data handling and a smooth management of data and output sources. The EA245WMi-2 ultra-thin bezel display delivers office productivity, performance, quality and fulfils a demand for future-ready design with best ergonomics.

  4. Customise your info screen

    • NEC MultiSync® X981UHD-2

    The large UHD screen is a commanding presence in its own right and is perfectly suited for high demanding applications and larger meeting groups.

    The display facilitates both distance and proximity viewing with precise colour fidelity regardless of the viewing angle for an impressive visual experience. In this application the display is demonstrating its flexibility by managing various content and input sources.

    Partner: Databoard

  5. Brighten up your lectures and meetings

    • NEC P554U
    • NEC PA653UL

    Easy and flexible installation is guaranteed with these professional projectors allowing for simple integration and saving on set-up costs. Brightness levels of up to 6,500 ANSI lumen combined with detailed content enlighten audiences whilst the brilliantly vivid colours delivered by LCD technology ensure presentations are compelling.

  6. Discover a new way of working

    • new NEC MultiSync® P404 SST
    • new NEC MultiSync® C501

    Meet spontaneously, collaborate seamlessly and interact with remote participants from all over the world. The NEC Sound Bar combines audio and video in one compact tool, ready to plug-andplay with NEC Displays to create the ideal Huddle spaces. With BYOD, quick and easy wireless presentation is supported to start meetings instantly.

    Partner: Huddly

Impress – Large Venue

Let your vision become a reality

Impress your audience. From super-sized image projection to giant large format screens and direct view LED video walls, combined with the unique level of functionality, performance and reliability associated with NEC products, we can offer the perfect tailor-made solution for your requirements.

  1. Sleek design with health-conscious performance

    • NEC MultiSync® EX241UN

    The 4-sided ultra-thin bezel desktop monitors can be used for various multi-screen setups such as video walls, signage installations or trading floor scenarios. Being well prepared for efficient installation and configuration saves both time and money. The built-in Low Blue Light and Flicker-Free technology effectively protect the health of the users’ eyes, ensuring the well-being of the user.

  2. The out of the box public space communication

    • NEC MultiSync® P404 integrated in Evoko Pusco

    Forget all the hassle of researching and installing all components needed for digital infotainment. Everything you need in one product including the dependability associated with NEC technology. All you have to do is plug in two cables. We have focused on the technology so that you can focus on what really matters – creating the impact you are after. For public space communication, this is the easy way out.

    Partner: Evoko

  3. Bring your video wall to life

    • NEC MultiSync® X555UNS PG MTS

    Create a large canvas with seamless touch integration with the NEC MTS Multi Touch Solution, designed specifically for video walls. Combined with the tailor-made multi-touch software solution, the interactive video wall allows for an engaging interactive experience with your audiences.

    Partner: Vizetto

  4. Enhance the customer journey

    • NEC MultiSync® P554 SST

    No matter what you call your audience – a customer, an employee, a passenger or a patient – this interactive free standing touch solution will significantly increase their journey. With the compelling performance of ShadowSense Touch technology, the interactive experience is seamless. Up to 700 cd/m² brightness levels ensure great visual performance even in high ambient light.

    Partner: Omnitapps| Smart Media Solutions

  5. All-in-one laser, LCD and filter-free projection

    • NEC PA803UL

    This unique projector couples the brilliant colour brightness of LCD technology with laser light source designed for long lasting operation. A completely sealed optical laser LCD engine allows a filter-free design whilst brilliant colour brightness is maintained and servicing costs need no longer feature in your budget.

    The advanced flexibility of setup including lens shift, free tilt and portrait installation capability and unique geometric adjustment allows you to achieve the most spectacular and artistic set-ups even in the most difficult installation environments.

  6. The brightest choice for lasting impressions

    • new PH3501QL

    The new flagship 4K RB laser projector harnesses the best of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies; delivering compelling benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and immersive image quality. With 40,000 centre lumens brightness you can achieve greater detail and even more accurate colours. The flexibility of the technology for installation sets a new standard for installation projection, allowing you to achieve an unrivalled visual experience.



Databoard develops a web-based content management system for displaying content on large screens in premises or public spaces. Until now, information screens have been complex to install and complicated to maintain content. Databoard’s software is simple to use, no coding or designing required, the integrations with different tools make it easy to present data or information to the audiences you like to present them to.


DisplayNote Technologies create solutions that make it easier for people to present, share content and collaborate. Solutions include Mosaic, a collaborative workspace that brings people, content and ideas closer together.


Evoko Unlimited AB, subsidiary to SMS Smart Media Solutions, are Swedish innovators dedicated to making meetings smother, more cost efficient and stylish. Evoko deliver design-driven, innovative and delightfully simple office products with clear advantages, both rationally and emotionally. The mission is to give you the optimum set up for magnificent meetings.


Grassfish is the leading European provider of digital signage software with a large portfolio ranging from digital signage installations to interactive tablet PC solutions. Grassfish supports media systems that create a unified digital communication experience across a broad range of settings.


Hoylu delivers solutions for presentation, ideation and collaboration. Hoylu's focus is creative collaboration, connecting workspaces in different locations with the objective of simplifying work processes while improving productivity and creativity.

Hiperwall, US

Hiperwall is a high-performance video wall and distributed visualization software solution that can display a wide variety of content with unmatched speed, flexibility and functionality in extremely highresolution.


Gundlach SEEN MEDIA is one of the market-leading full-service integrators for digital communications solutions. Digital Signage Classic: Video communication for corporate buildings, point of sale and point of interest. Media Technology: Integrated technology for conferences and showrooms,company campus and buildings. Creation & Development: Customer-specific application development.


With offices in Norway, USA, India, and UK, Huddly was created to elevate communication with compelling and intelligent vision products for everybody. Huddly is the intelligent videocamera platform that gives everyone the freedom to express oneself and collaborate anywhere. Due to cutting-edge software technology, Huddly processes high-resolution video instantly and adapts to any lighting condition. As a result, Huddly elevates communication. The things we take for granted when meeting face-to-face (facial expressions, gestures, emotions) are no longer lost in transmission. We provide a hassle-free, breathtaking video experience.


Matrox Graphics is a global manufacturer of reliable, high-quality ASICs, boards, appliances, and software. Backed by in-house design expertise and dedicated customer support, Matrox products deliver stellar capture, extension, distribution, and display.


Omnitapps is a multi-touch software with various applications that offers you a unique way to present your products or services. Show your photos, videos, brochures, etc. with an interactive presentation or put your products and services in the spotlight through one of the entertaining games. A great thing is that Omnitapps is fully customizable and you don’t need any coding!


The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a UK-based charity that works to put the power of digital making into the hands of people all over the world, so they are capable of understanding and shaping our increasingly digital world, able to solve the problems that matter to them, and equipped for the jobs of the future.

Regout Balance Systems

Regout Balance Systems B.V. offers a range of height adjustable mounts for use with large touchscreen displays & interactive whiteboard systems. We have developed the BalanceBox®, that allows you to move your screen up and down, and even tilt, in a manual way. Move your display to any vertical position that you want with the use of just your fingertip. Let’s move your screen!.


Sennheiser is shaping the future of audio - a vision built on more than 70 years of innovation culture. Sennheiser is one of the world´s leading manufacturers of headphones, microphones and wireless transmission systems.

Smart Media Solutions

With its focus on function and refined design, SMS has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality brackets, fixtures and enclosures for displays, projectors and other media units.


Vitra has its roots in the shopfitting business. Acting as a partner to retail businesses for over eight decades, Vitra has helped to increase the attractiveness, quality and productivity of sales areas. The intelligent shopfitting and display systems by Vitra are utilised by many prominent brands and other international clients in smaller retail locations.


Vizetto develops multi-touch applications and custom software solutions that are engaging, intuitive, and easy to use.