Keep the spirit of ISE alive

Welcome to your virtual ISE, part one! We don’t want the magic of ISE to end in February, so we are bringing it to you piece by piece, highlighting key topics from ISE 2019.

We start by addressing the need for smart retail signage in creating personalised and engaging customer journeys.

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Meeting and collaboration

In part two of our 'virtual ISE platform' we continue by addressing the ways in which our approach to work is changing.

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Large venues

New technological developments have opened up huge potential for creating super-large digital surfaces as laser projection and dvLED are now viable technologies in this sector. 

Find out more about what’s impressing audiences today, and tomorrow in part 3.

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How We Utilise Technology

Our fourth communication - the last in this series but certainly not our final communication! – is from NEC's strategic product marketing manager, Thomas Walter. It’s a compelling piece which gets us thinking about how we utilise technology; are we holding ourselves back from greater achievement?

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