Large venues

It’s funny how our environment affects our expectations. We might be surprised and impressed to visit a small, family-run business and see that they are equipped with stunning digital display technologies.

Similarly, when we enter a large venue such as a conference hall or sports stadium, we expect a stunning AV experience, and will be disappointed with anything but the most jaw-dropping visuals.

In auditoriums, concert halls and exhibition spaces, touching the emotions of audiences is often a key objective so ensuring they get a clear view of event content is critical.

Images must be big, bold, bright, and presented with perfect resolution and colour reproduction.

In 2019 there is more choice for delivering these incredible, immersive experiences than ever, from direct view LED


Direct view LED installation in the SAP arena in Mannheim, Germany 


3x2 UN Series LFD video wall in conference room

to projection to large format displays that enable large venues to create huge image sizes, bright enough to counter any ambient conditions.

At NEC, we’re particularly excited about the way that prices for these large-scale viewing technologies are tumbling.

As the cost comes down, more and more venues will be able to create that ‘wow’ factor that exceeds the audience’s expectations.

Of course, as huge visual surfaces become more commonplace, the emphasis will shift from the technology to the content itself;

as a result, large venues will have to pay more attention to what they say and display.

Content needs to be designed for large scale display, otherwise the stunning visuals will only highlight the failings of the material being displayed.

But if they can get the content right, today’s display technologies offer limitless possibilities for creating a deep and lasting impression on the audience. It’s not just the form that large venue displays can take, although video walls and media facades that wrap around buildings or structures promise to transform our expectations of what displays can achieve.

Just as important are ground-breaking innovations in image quality and control, which are so crucial to creating great images at scale.

In the past, it was difficult to make fine adjustments to picture quality on many large surfaces; for others, like video walls, it was impossible.


Direct view indoor LED modules used for digital signage at ISE 2019


PH3501QL large venue laser projector at ISE 2019

Now thanks to technologies like NEC’s SpectraView™ engine, users can ensure fully homogenous colour reproduction and brightness across displays (including video walls), while also making it much faster and simpler to install.

One question that large venues need to decide upon is whether they invest in permanent or temporary display set-ups. Does it make sense – both practically and financially – to invest in a massive LED wall if it will only be used for a few days a year?

It may well make better sense to put up a passive screen and use a high-quality laser projector. (If so, may we recommend NEC’s PH3501QL – the world’s brightest RB laser projector, which we debuted at ISE last year.)

Questions such as these are just one of the reasons why large venues should work with trusted partners who can give them unbiased advice on the display technologies they need to exceed your audiences’ expectations. Join the conversation at @NEC_Display_EU to discuss how you’re planning to create the most impressive, immersive and engaging experiences on the biggest stages.


NEC is working with many partners to show the most innovative solutions at ISE and provide them to our customers 

Our final instalment sees NEC’s Thomas Walter touching on a topic which he feels passionate about – enabling technology to achieve its full potential and thus realise boundless opportunities for its users. It’s not just about maximising the ROI, that’s just a base line, it’s about challenging the way we work, breaking out of the box and harnessing the power of technology to take us to the next level.

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