Quality Assurance for Medical Certified Displays with GammaCompMD QA

From a name to trust, a Quality Assurance solution to depend on

The management and smooth running of a radiological department in any hospital is a huge responsibility. With its unique Pan-European network of qualified sales and service personnel, NEC provides all the tools, epertise and support to help in the day-to-day demands of high quality patient care.

Quality assurance is increasingly demanded for assessing display image quality with a reliable recording and documentation at varying time intervals. Particularly for those larger installations in a modern multi-disciplinary hospital, featuring numerous diagnostic workstations, keeping track of what has been measured and on which display and when, can become a full-time task. GammaCompMD QA delivers confidence that your hospital wide diagnostic and viewing displays all conform to the recognised DICOM standard – a total quality assurance solution from calibration to reporting that allows you to concentrate first on patient care.

The NEC GammaCompMD QA Quality Assurance Solution with the QAXRAY™ module meets all challenges and demands head on by providing either an entry-level QA solution for small practices and clinics or a comprehensive solution for an entire hospital establishment, meeting either  AAPM TG-18, DIN V 6868-57/DIN 6868-157 or IEC 62563-1

The NEC GammaCompMD QA stand-alone Client Software is included as standard with all NEC’s MD and MDview medical display solutions. The optional GammaCompMD QA Network Administration Software is available in a license model, covering varying quantities of networked workstations as part of a PACS system. QAXRAY TM Pro licenses are available optionally on request.


GammaCompMD QA

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QAXRAY TM Pro Solution for QA Conformance to IEC 62563-1, DIN V 6868-57 and DIN 6868-157

The QAXRAY TM Pro solutions allows for high-grade quality assurance guaranteeing consisten image quality across the radiological imaging chain and is available in several variants:

 - QA routines for the German QS RL DIN V 6868-57 / DIN 6868-157 : acceptance test, consistency test, daily/weekly visual test
 - QA rounties for the international standard IEC 62563-1 : acceptance test, consistency test, visual test

All test parameters as laid down by international standards authorities can be queried, documented, stored and printed out at a touch of a button.

• Speed-up and simplify your workflow
• Up-to-date QA documentation
• Ready-to-print pdf reports
• Test images with data entry wizard
• Compatible with non NEC branded displays                                 


  • Anwendungsmatrix-ThumbNail

    German | pdf | 320 KB

  • DIN6868-157-ThumbNail
    Qualitätssicherung nach DIN 6868-157 - neue Norm zur Abnahme- und Konstanzprüfung von Bildwiedergabesystemen

    German | pdf | 221.8 KB

  • PDF-GammaCompMDQAx-ThumbNail
    NEC GammaCompMD QA Client and Network Administration Software

    Quality Assurance for Medical Displays

    English | pdf | 735.6 KB

Quick Screen QA

The innovative Quick Screen QA test function allows the monitor to display an internal test pattern similar to AAPM TG18-QC, without using an external signal source. A quick overall visual evaluation as well as a DICOM conformance measurement done with the front sensor is available with this built-in method.

The Quick Screen QA test function has been first integrated into the new 3MP grayscale model the MD211G3.

With the single press of a button, the display enters a standalone QA test routine without any additional PC or workstation. A test pattern for visual evaluation of the display’s DICOM compliance is drawn on the screen within 10 seconds. Using the integrated front sensor of the MD211G3, a complete DICOM conformance test is performed within two minutes.

The “Quick Screen QA” test does not change any display property or settings, which means anyone can perform the test.