European Medical Warranty Helpdesk

European Med-Support Helpdesk – Soft-and Hardware support for NEC MD and MDview Display Series

NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH
Landshuter Allee 12-14
D-80637 München

Phone: +49 89 99699 666
Office Hours:   9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Friday CET, answering machine during off hours)

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What can the med-support helpdesk do for you?

  • Demo setup support via phone or email
  • Installation support at system integrator or end customer via phone or email
  • Software update support for system integrators or end users, software related questions, i.e. functionality of GammaCompMD Client and Server (if registered, CD with latest version will be sent)
  • Support in case of hardware problems (display, display controller)
  • Repair procedures (DOA or warranty) for medical displays and medical display systems

Attention: This helpdesk cannot support any questions to other than MD and MDview displays

Who can use the NEC med-support helpdesk?

  • Medical partners and their customers
  • System integrators buying NEC medical displays via partners
  • End users buying NEC medical displays directly or via system integrators

Customer registration is required:
Please inform us about your customers details ( ) by indicating Name, Function, Company, Address, Phone and Email address

Customer should be prepared to provide the serial number of the faulty product and a detailed fault description when they call the Helpdesk. The warranty is subject to the warranty terms and conditions for each  NEC MD/MDview product. The specified luminance and calibration settings must be followed, otherwise a warranty claim can be rejected by NEC Display Solutions Europe

User Manuals

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Have a problem with your NEC Display Solutions product? Our hints and solutions within the FAQ section offer fast online self-help for technical problems. You can search for all product relevant information. Please choose the corresponding category and click on one of the questions related. If there isn´t a sufficient answer to your question please do not hesitate to contact us directly (see contact data).

  1. Windows FAQs
  2. Displays FAQs
  3. Display Controllers FAQs
How can I deactivate "Video Overlays" in Windows ?

Windows XP
1. Right-click the Desktop and select "Display Properties"
2. Go to → "Advanced" → "Troubleshoot"
3. Move the Hardware Acceleration Slider to "None"
4. Reboot

Windows 7
1. Right-click the Desktop and select "Screen Resolution"
2. Go to → "Advanced Settings" → "Troubleshoot" → "Change Settings"
3. Move the Hardware Acceleration Slider to "None"
4. Reboot

How to identify the manufacturing date for NEC Displays ?

The first character represents the manufacturing year from 2005 onwards
5 = 2005 / 6 = 2006 / ... / 0 = 2010 / 1 = 2011 ...

The second character represents the manufacturing month
1 = January / 2 = February / ... / X = October / Y = November / Z = December

Serial Number 54001201YB indicates a manufacturing date in April 2005

Are there monitor drivers for NEC displays?

For NEC MD Monitors, no ".inf" or ".cat" files are provided . The displays are "Plug and Play Monitors".

The display's EDID data is used to inform the operating system about the its identity and selectable resolutions.

Do I have to calibrate MD-series displays before the legal acceptance test?

All NEC MD-series displays are individually pre-calibrated in the factory to meet even the strictest legal requirements. Hence, out of the box, they are ready for operation . Customers may re-calibrate their displays, but this not required.

Please note that due to legal standards, medical devices must undergo an official acceptance test to get approval for medical diagnosis.  

Why do grayscale displays come in matched pairs?

Every LCD panel has its own individual native white point that may slightly differ in between panels or production lots. Reasons for this matter of fact are based on manufacturing processes and its physical restrictions.

Unlike color LCD displays, grayscale displays have no color filters in front of their sub-pixels. Hence it is impossible to adjust its native white point . In order to create pairs of displays that feature the same grayscale impression it is essential to measure all panels and "pair" the panels with matching white points in the factory.

Pairs of grayscale displays come physically bound via a tape to prevent mix up with other units. Therefore is only possible to order even numbers of grayscale displays.

Color displays can easily be matched to "pairs" by measuring and adjusting the white points of the two displays via the NEC GammaCompMD QA Software suite on site.

Which display controllers can be used for MD-Series and MDview-Series displays?

NEC specifies a certain set of appropriate display controllers and respective drivers for each MD-series display. To achieve this, all relevant combinations of operating system, display controller, driver version and medical display are thoroughly tested.

The result is a compatibility list that features professional controllers from AMD, Nvidia and Matrox. Since the quality of medical image presentations strongly depend on the quality grade of the attached display controller, NEC only recommends workstation controllers . There are significant differences in between workstation graded controllers and gaming controllers when it comes to color accuracy of medical images. Therefore customers are strongly advised to use the recommended controllers .

Where can I get certified drivers for display controllers?

There is a selection of certified and tested drivers for display controller that should be used in combination  with NEC MD-Series displays. NEC strongly recommends not to use other driver versions.

Those drivers can be found on the Medical Closed User Group
→ "Service and support"
→ "NEC tested drivers"

How can I activate 10-Bit packed pixel modes on a display controller?

Nvidia controllers automatically identify NEC MD-series displays that support 10-Bit PackedPixel when attached to the Windows desktop. After attaching the display and rebooting the PC, PackedPixel timings can be activated via the Nvidia control panel.

Matrox controllers also identify displays that support 10-Bit PackedPixel and instantly offer a timing scheme named " 10-Bit Extendigray ". After rebooting the PC, PackedPixel presentation is active.

ATI controllers provide 10-Bit PackedPixel presentation after activating the "10-bit workstation mode" in ATI's Catalyst control Center. The " 10-bit Workstation Mode " must activated for each installed display controller and applies to all displays attached to the respective controller.

Can I use my extisting display controllers when I   switch over to NEC medical displays?

There is a certain set of appropriate display controllers and respective drivers for each MD-series display. However, there might also be legacy controllers that support new MD-series displays. Please contact your salesman for an individual evaluation of your set of controllers.

Nevertheless, there are certain combinations that should not be used in any case:
Do not mix different brands of display controllers. Conflicting driver architectures will result in non-performance or even loss of data.

Do not use onboard graphics in combination with workstation grade controllers. The performance of the higher-end controller will most likely decrease dramatically.

If your application requires the use 2 display controllers , it is best practise to use 2 identical controllers. Performance will decrease if you mix different controller "families" from the same brand.