Interactive Wall Solution

Create new opportunities and enhance meetings, presentations and learning experiences with the new interactive touch projector wall and bring collaboration to both class rooms and conference rooms alike. Combine multiple projectors into an ultra-wide, up to 6.5 m* full screen size interactive wall space on any surface.

The integrated infrared touch capability allows several people to enjoy simultaneous seamless interaction with pens and fingers across the entire screen area without limitation from borders.

  • Ultra-Wide image of up to 6,5 m* to be seen by multiple people
  • Auto calibration
  • Seamless pen and finger touch interactivity
* Depending on model and number of projectors

Interactivity is key - Multi-Pen / Multi-Touch Solution

The interactive multi-pen modules (NP03Wi/NP04Wi ) and the Multi-Touch module (NP01TM ) in combination with NECs ultra-short-throw projectors (U- / UM-Series) transforms any existing flat surface into a borderless interactive workspace. The projector’s integrated infrared camera system enables easy setup and calibration of the entire wall and manages interactivity.

Benefits include:

  • Multi-Pen & Multi-Touch support including gestures (255 touch points)
  • High responsiveness and performance
  • Fast and easy auto-calibration
  • Existing surfaces and boards can be used

Impressive Ultra-Wide Screen Projection

Create a seamless ultra-wide screen with up to four projectors with Scalable Desktop NEC Edition Edge Blending Software.

Benefits include:

  • Edge Blending setup with integrated projector cameras for easy recalibration
  • One-button push auto recalibration (short cut button)
  • Maximum flexibility to individually configure your screen size

Just one click to recalibrate Interactive Wall

Use the one-button push auto recalibration functionality of the Interactive Wall Manager to easily readjust edge blending and touch accuracy. Alternatively, use the scheduler or network control commands.

Benefits include:

  • One-button push auto recalibration (short cut button)
  • Configure your individual hot keys according to your needs
  • Ease of use interface making your user life much more convenient

Collaborative Solution DisplayNote NEC Edition (optional)

DisplayNote is a software and app solution which allows presenters to share any presentation to participants on their mobile, tablet or desktop device. Participants can capture content, make notes and the presenter can invite them to collaborate and share their screens with the rest of the group. A licence key for 5 users is part of the projector packaging – for licenses larger than 5 users and additional information on DisplayNote visit


Packages / Order Codes

Projector Types

Bundle Content
multipen singletouch
3,500 ANSI lumen
Projector incl. Wall-Mount (NP04WK);
Multi-Touch Module (NP01TM);
Interactive Module incl. 2 Pens (NP03Wi)
multipen strich
3,500 ANSI lumen
Projector incl. Wall-Mount (NP04WK);
Interactive Module incl. 2 Pens (NP03Wi)
multipen singletouch
3,200 ANSI lumen
Projector incl. Wall-Mount (NP04WK);
Multi-Touch Module (NP01TM);
Interactive Module incl. 2 Pens (NP04Wi)
multipen strich
3,200 ANSI lumen
Projector incl. Wall-Mount (NP04WK);
Interactive Module incl. 2 Pens (NP04Wi)

*Edge Blending setup with integrated projector cameras not supported yet – external camera required for automatic re-calibration

Configuration example

Interactive Wall with 4 x UM351Wi projectors incl. Wall Mount and Pen- & Touch-Functionality

  • 4x UM351Wi Multi-Touch Projector (60003941)
  • 1x Software: Interactive Wall Scalable Desktop NEC Edition for 3 Projectors (200004759)
  • 1x Maintenance Scalable Desktop NEC edition (200004715)
*dimensions are flexible and can vary depending on the application

Screen Width

2x Projector 35m 3.5m
3x Projector 50m 5.0m
4x Projector 65m 6.5m

Software | Interactive Wall Scalable Desktop NEC Edition

Model 2x Projectors 3x Projectors 4x Projectors
Edge Blending SW Package 200004709 200004710 200004759
Maintenance Scalable Desktop NEC edition 200004715

Single Components | Optional

Order No.
NP02Pi Stylus Pen (1 Pen)
NP02Pi Stylus Pack (10 Pens)
NP02Pi Stylus Pack (20 Pens)
NP02Pi Stylus Pack (50 Pens)

Installation Video

System Requirements

PC Hardware

  • Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU
  • 4GB or more RAM
  • 500GB or more HDD or SSD
  • Blu-ray or DVD Optical Drive
  • nVIDIA K4200 Graphics Board
  • PC Mother Board
  • USB Mouse and Keyboard
    (6 ports with min. USB2.0 support, PCIe x16 1slot min.)


  • Windows 7 Professional or higher (64bit recommended)

Application Software

  • Scalable Desktop NEC Edition
  • Cybernetyx EyeRIS2.0 NEC Edition
  • DisplayNote NEC Edition

Application Pictures

Odeon Charlestown ISENSE tunnel

The Odeon cinema in Charlestown created an immersive experience for cinema visitors using 3 NEC Ultra-short throw projectors in a curved installation to promote their new ISENSE theaters.


Reference installation Digital Spice Japan

4 NEC Ultra-short throw projectors mounted in a reference installation for NEC in Japan.


Duraplan booth on Didacta 2016 in Cologne

German system integrator Duraplan showcased the interactive wall during the Didacta education show 2016 in cologne and promotes the system to universities all across Germany.


NEC booth at Educatice in Paris

A small 2 projector set-up was the eyecatcher on the NEC booth at the Educatice education show in Paris, November 2015.