Professional Ultra-Short-Throw Projector

Type DLP
Brightness [AL] 3200
Contrast 10000:1
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Light Source Lamp
Lamp Life [h] 4000
Weight [kg] 4.7
Order Code 60003952

Price 2395 €
Recommended retail price (Price including 21.00 % VAT)


With 1080p resolution and 10.000:1 contrast, the U321H delivers perfect image quality for very detailed content as well as high quality movies including 3D content from Blu-Ray players, thanks to HDMI 3D support. This ultra-short throw projector releases space within small to medium sized classrooms and meeting rooms, projecting onto screen sizes between 85-100” without creating shadow or glare. Demanding applications in higher education such as design and engineering will appreciate the 1080p resolution for the high level of detail achieved. Interactivity can be added retrospectively to this model with a multi-pen and/or multi-touch option.

The U321H is particularly suited for classrooms and small to medium sized meeting rooms.


  • Great picture quality – thanks to 1080p resolution and 10000:1 contrast.
  • Almost no shadow and glare – thanks to ultra-short throwing distance.
  • Optional Multi-pen and Touch Interactivity – with auto-calibration on any kind of surface.
  • Future-proof connectivity – incl. MHL and network support.
  • Wall-mount included – for quick and easy installation, compatible with height adjustable systems.
  • Cost effective replacement – of existing NEC UM Series installations to achieve higher resolutions without re-positioning of the existing wall-mount.
  • 3D ready – for playback of engaging 3D applications and movies.

Awards and Test Reports

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2015  rAVe Best of ISE 2015 Awards - Best New K-12 Classroom Product

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