NEC launches complete Multi-Disciplinary Team room solution with 8 Megapixel quality

First implementation with Merian Iselin Hospital to deliver patient confidence, better productivity and precise diagnosis


Munich, 19 October, 2015 - Merian Iselin Hospital for Orthopaedics and Surgery, one of the largest private hospitals in Basel, Switzerland, is the first to implement NEC Display Solutions’ future-proof medical MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) room solution. NEC is launching the solution to enable more precise diagnosis, allowing medical professionals to access and review all relevant clinical information when formulating treatment recommendations. Merian Iselin Hospital is using it to improve its communication with patients and further strengthen its position as a leading hospital.

Efficient MDT room solutions provide the tools medical professionals need for meetings and treatment planning, and enables them to access and review all relevant clinical information when formulating treatment recommendations. Merian Iselin Hospital, which conducted more than 20,000 radiological examinations in 2014, produces reports for both external and in-house physicians, so the facilities offered by MDT room solutions is crucial. It is a key part of patient communication as accurate information can then be shared efficiently.

The NEC displays, the MultiSync® X841UHD Conference room display and the MD322C8 31.5” 8 Megapixel screen, which works as diagnostic display, deliver the high level of requirement for the MDT room solution, supporting high quality 4K UHD resolution, colour quality and signal processing. For Merian Iselin Hospital, it now has the tools in place to deliver more precise diagnoses and allow for a number of viewing angles and distances, including close-up. This is crucial for group diagnosis scenarios.

Dr. Med. Thomas Egelhof, chief physician for radiology at Merian Iselin Hospital, comments: “Modern medicine is team work. It works best if you can assess and discuss the examination results together with the doctors involved and the patients. For this purpose, the image display must be so precise that from the different viewing angles and distances in the meeting room good conditions are found, to carry out and obtain a profound analysis.”

At the hospital, the NEC 84-inch X841UHD monitor features a screen measuring of more than two metres diagonally, and DICOM mode for clinical review of X-ray images for use in the Medical Conference room. The NEC MD322C8, an 8MP medical display, is used as an input monitor for the radiologists. The two screens can be cloned on a pixel to pixel level to provide outstanding image quality without any loss of data or visual detail. Images remain stable regardless of the ambient room lighting and a non-glare surface restricts the effect of reflections on the screens.

The NEC MDT room solution is now completed with a solid Wall Mount PDW T XL with integrated tilt function, offering the flexibility that is needed to adapt the screen installation to the individual requirements existing for each MDT room. A NVIDIA Quadro K2200 graphics card delivers exceptional power and efficiency to support the high graphics requirements for dual 8MP graphic displays. In addition, a Gold DisplayPort 10 m Cable from Lindy bridges the distance from the input source and the cloned 84-inch display, with the high quality required to deliver 4K UHD signals over a larger distance.

The solution means hospitals such as Merian Iselin can enable increased productivity, as physicians can more easily view images in detail together. Dr. Med. Egelhof adds: “With the use of the new meeting room resolution, the diagnostic work could be visualised and thus the credibility of the findings could be increased, as lesions are shown in a better and more precise manner.” This leads to less uncertainty for all involved and increases productivity both in radiology itself as well as referring physicians and other incorporated medical specialisations.

Displays play a crucial role in the productivity of a hospital and in ensuring the high quality of patient care,” comments Shinji Nohara, Product Manager Pro/Colour/Medical Desktop Display at NEC Display Solutions Europe. “Merian Iselin Hospital is a great example of how better displays has a major impact on the diagnostic and communication abilities of a hospital.”

Availability and Pricing
The NEC MDT room solution is now available from October 2015. NEC provides a set-up guide allowing a trouble-free installation for system integrators and medical resellers.

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